Seamless Training With Athletic Tech Evolution Charging Solutions

Seamless Training With Athletic Tech Evolution and Charging Solutions

The continuous evolution and steady emergence of newer, more advanced tech, has made it hard to find an industry that has not been revolutionized by technology. From health care and finance to industrial manufacturing and education, technology has made its mark in every imaginable field.

The field of sports training is no exception. Thanks to new technology in athletic training, coaches and trainers can access a wide range of tools and resources that help them further bring out the best of their athletes’ skills.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the technology used in athletic training today is shaping the future of sports and pushing the limits of human performance.

How Athletic Training Technology Is Changing the Game

The technology used off the field enhances communication and collaboration — allowing for even more effective training programs. Phones and tablets, along with an internet connection, give trainers and athletes better communication lines.

With better communication, it is possible to collaborate with other expert trainers for remote training assistance or reach out to healthcare professionals and nutrition experts for improved recovery. All these opportunities further boost the overall performance of the athletes.

On the field, innovative athletic training technology can record and analyze athlete performance. Coaches and trainers can significantly improve athletes’ training methods when armed with a few key tools — a laptop or handheld tablet, a high-definition and high-speed camera, a display monitor, and an internet connection.

Being able to record training on video gives both trainers and athletes a chance to analyze and study the training sessions immediately. Coaches can provide feedback, tailor specific strategies for individual players, and develop customized training plans right away.

Beyond Video Recording and Review

Laptops and tablets can now do more than just record videos for simple playback and review. Below is a closer look at some of the technologies that are changing the game for athletic training.

  • Cloud Technology. Cloud technology provides a platform for the collection and analysis of an extensive range of data points related to an athlete’s performance. Uploading to the cloud allows for recorded training data to not only be reviewed and analyzed by the trainer and athlete but also other other experts anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection.
  • Internet of Things (IoT). Mobile phone devices and IoT or smart technology can make indoor training much easier, more convenient, and more productive. For example, phones can control smart thermostats and lighting to create a more ideal training environment.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Coaches can create and control simulated environments through laptops or tablets, which athletes can then experience through VR headsets. This innovation allows for athletes to train in various immersive environments to improve their reaction time and test their decision-making in hypothetical scenarios.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI). Coaches and trainers can use laptops and tablets to combine video recordings with AI technology for better data analysis. AI can help predict potential injury risks and suggest preventive measures, enhancing an athlete’s longevity in the sport. Through machine learning algorithms, AI can also simulate opponents’ strategies, helping athletes prepare for competitive events more effectively.

Ensuring Seamless Integration of Tech and Athletic Training

Despite the myriad benefits of integrating technology into athletic training, there is one minor challenge that often comes up: maintaining device uptime.

Ensuring devices, from laptops and TV monitors to tablets and mobile phones, have sufficient power is something some trainers still struggle with. This is particularly true for trainers and athletes working outdoors or on sports fields.

Unlike indoor courts where charging facilities may be more readily available, outdoor environments may not always offer easy access to power sources. The easiest solution is to bring out an extra lengthy extension cord and plug all devices in. However, this solution comes with safety concerns and can be cumbersome to manage.

If you’re encountering this issue, our Bretford charging solutions can solve your problems.

With a wide range of charging solutions designed to work with various sports environments, trainers and athletes can easily keep their devices charged and continue using their tech for data analysis and simulations — without worrying about power interruptions.

Cordless Explorer™ Display Cart

The Cordless Explorer™ Display Cart can be a game-changer in athletic training technology. With its cordless power feature, this display cart eliminates the need for lengthy extension cords, mitigating safety concerns and making device management less cumbersome.

The Cordless Explorer™ Display Cart’s main selling points are the 1024 Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate swappable battery and one-size-fits-most VESA mount. The battery can last over eight hours on a single charge — enough for an entire day of rigorous outdoor training.

Meanwhile, the VESA mount can securely support display screens of up to 75 inches and 200 lbs. These features allow you to use some of the biggest high-definition screens on the training field for better performance review and analysis.

Additionally, the cart’s device shelf gives trainers a safe place to put laptops and tablets used in training sessions. With the four onboard power outlets on the side of the cart, these laptops and tablets can remain powered up, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical data analysis and training tools.

Explorer™ Display Cart

The Explorer™ Display Cart is a close cousin of the cordless version. Since this display cart requires a cable connection, it is ideal for indoor training sessions.

Like the Cordless Explorer, this heavy-duty Explorer also has a highly secure and versatile VESA mount that can support screens of up to 86 inches. Aside from its device shelf, the Explorer™ Display Cart also features a lower bottom shelf. You also have the option to add an ergonomic handle and six-outlet power strip.

With its sturdy structure and durable soft-tread caster wheels, it can handle the rigors of busy indoor training. More importantly, the integrated cable management system helps ensure that all devices are plugged in safely and neatly, minimizing trip hazards and improving the efficiency of the training setup.

The Future of Athletic Training Technology

There’s no downplaying the role technology plays in sports and athletic training. The importance of innovative charging solutions, such as those we offer here at Bretford, also cannot be understated.

Supportive tech solutions like our display carts are important both on and off the field. Our products offer continuous power supply and thoughtful design features like integrated cable management to enhance your training process.

To learn more about our Explorer™ Display Carts and other innovative charging solutions or to request a free quote, contact us today.

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