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Why is USB PD Significant to a Device Management Strategy?

by Natalie Schlueter

The speed of devices and our interaction with them are increasing daily. Devices are used to power our fast-paced lives and are expected to keep up no matter the circumstance.

Charging devices in traditional charging solutions over and over again could potentially worry end users when considering the effects of over charging devices. Charging technology in the past, like USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, are good, but they are not nearly as intuitive and functional as the most recent version of USB 3.0, USB 3.1, or USB-C PD.

First, what is USB PD?

The name USB PD stands for USB Power Delivery. This new method of charging was introduced with the rollout of type c connectors. What distinguishes a type c connector from other types of connectors is that the tip is reversible, making it easy to plug in the connector to any device that takes type c input.

This technology also comes with a more sophisticated approach to charging by providing a fast charging solution that monitors the amperage and power voltage that is needed for each specific device.

USB PD can potentially charge devices up to 2x faster than the average charge technology. This allows for a speedy return of devices to continue work throughout the day. Depending on the device software or company your organization is using, charging can be up to 50% times after than when just using normal charging technology.

USB PD is the most sophisticated charging technology yet, and is only seen in a select few products to charge multiple devices at once.

Ready to go for a quick start

Device management strategies are something that can take a long time to prepare, and implementing them is something that should not take more time due to the technology being used.

USB PD is not just something that comes on its own as it can be packaged into charging stations and charging carts for the ultimate experience to charge many devices at once. USB PD allows for more than one device to be charged at the same time while still collecting data back and forth from the device to the adapter to provide the best charge for each device.

USB PD Charging stations and carts can come pre-wired with USB-C cables to supply you with a ready to go solution right out of the box. While there are pre-wired solutions already available, PD expedites your device management strategy by making deployment of devices 2X faster than before.

With regular pre-wired solutions, you can save up to an hour of time in your mobile device management, or MDM, strategy. Imagine what time you could save with a pre-wired solution, and 2X faster charging?

Retain and maintain devices

With a place to secure mobile devices, like a charging cart or station, it can be easy to forget that charging devices overnight can potentially be dangerous to devices over a long period of time. If your mobile device management strategy includes preserving devices for a while to come, investing in a solution with PD is your best option.

USB PD provides a way to support battery charging in a fast amount of time, but without the added juice that devices do not need. Over charging a device is not something that can necessarily happen anymore, but fast charging can hurt your battery over time.

Fortunately, USB PD is one of the safest methods of charging since the adapters will never send too much power to a device in too short of a time. All connected devices can send and receive power in the amount needed.

What can USB PD do for an MDM?

USB PD can help an organization achieve the following:

  • Organized approach to device deployment
  • Long-lasting device strategy to preserve and retain device batteries
  • Potentially a 2X fast device deployment post cart or station set-up
  • An elegant way of providing the most power to the most devices, in the least amount of time
  • Pre-wired solution to gain an extra hour of time back into the day
  • Charged devices at every corner to provide the highest level of productivity

When you invest in a solution that contains USB PD, you are investing in your organization’s structure, time and overall productivity. PD is the industry’s leading charging technology that has evolved over the years to support the current tech savvy environment that we live and work in.

Fast-paced environments call for fast-paced solutions. USB PD can help.

Experience the solution

It’s time to explore the right solution using USB PD. Bretford empowers mobile users with their USB PD solutions. Call Bretford at 847-678-2545, or visit our website today to find your fast charging solution.

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