Secure, Centralized Locker Management.

Introducing TechGuard Connect. The smart, connected charging solution from Bretford that provides your team a centralized management platform to manage any user, any bay, at any time, from any device.

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Why TechGuard Connect?

The cloud-based system allows for remote locker management from anywhere.

Secure keyless access for 1:1 or BYOD deployments. Manage devices quickly, safely and securely.

Future-proof system allows for software to be continuously updated with the latest features.

Manage From Anywhere

Being in multiple locations is difficult, even for the largest IT teams. With TechGuard Connect, your team gains access to Bretford Connect, our cloud-based, centralized management portal. Manage any user, any locker bay, at any time, from any device.

Any User. Any Bay.

Identity and Access Management

In organizations, large and small, user identity and access management (IAM) is a daily challenge.

With Bretford Connect, managing users and monitoring access to individual TechGuard Connect locker bays has never been easier.

At Any Time. From Any Device.

Centralized, Remote Management

A lost RFID badge. A forgotten access code in a large, multi-site installation. These situations occur.

As an administrator, being able to log into Bretford Connect from any laptop, tablet or mobile phone helps makes overcoming these moments easier.

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Safe and Secure

Two Options. One Protected System.
Secure keyless access for your 1:1 or BYOD deployment.

With TechGuard Connect your team can leverage the proven security of RFID to secure each bay and your devices.

Coupled with simple to use Identity and Access Management (IAM) through Bretford Connect, managing secure access to individual bays and stored devices has never been easier.

The TechGuard Connect centralized keypad offers users the ability to choose any available locker, set their own access code and walk away.

And because of Bretford Connect, your IT team maintains centralized, remote access to each bay in an emergency or in the event that an access code is forgotten.

Stay Up-To-Date

Focus On Today. We'll Plan For Tomorrow.

An active Bretford Connect subscription means your team gets the latest software features and security updates to the platform from Bretford as soon as they become available. You also gain access to optional add-ons and features like Single Sign-On (SSO).

You'll also gain access to new firmware updates for your TechGuard Connect hardware. And because every TechGuard Connect locker includes an ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, you can download and install updates directly from the cloud.

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Configurations & Pricing

TechGuard Connect lockers come in 8 configurations and are offered in 16 vibrant colors.
Use the tools below to find the perfect TechGuard Connect configuration for your deployment needs.

Configuration Options

Choose your desired configuration options to see model and pricing details.

Access Method

  • RFID 1
  • Keypad

Charging System

  • AC
  • USB 2

Locker-to-Cloud Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi 3
  • Ethernet 4

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1: Supports MIFARE Classic (cards sold separately via third-party).
2: Supports up to 2.4A.
3: Supports any 802.11 a/b/g/n capable wireless network.
4: Supports CAT5 Ethernet or higher (cables not included).

  • TCL10
  • R
  • AC
  • E
  • F
  • $3,538

Color Options

Standard Colors
Optional Colors

Optional colors only available for orders of 10 units or more. For additional details, please contact a Bretford sales representative.

Subscription Plans

Each TechGuard Connect stack requires an active subscription to access Bretford Connect. Subscription plans are purchased directly from Bretford, billed on a recurring monthly or annual cycle, and registered to a Bretford Connect account. You'll use your Bretford Connect account to access the management portal, manage billing and add-ons, as well as contact support with issues.

  • Monthly
  • Monthly subscription to Bretford Connect
  • $7 / bay / year
    ($70 / stack / year)
  • Annual
  • 1-Year subscription to Bretford Connect
  • $5 / bay / year
    ($50 / stack / year)
  • Multi-Year
  • Multi-Year subscription to Bretford Connect
  • $3 / bay / year
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Volume discounts are available. Contact Us

Coming Soon

TechGuard Connect and the Bretford Connect Management Portal will be available later this year.

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TechGuard Connect lockers and our centralized, management platform Bretford Connect, will be available later this year. To be the first to learn when they become available, sign-up today and receive updates directly from Bretford.