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Duval County Public Schools

Innovative device management benefits students and staff

Home Home Success Stories Duval County Public Schools
Several Bretford charging lockers installed just next to a group of regular school lockers in a Duval County public school

Florida-based middle school addresses massive technology upgrades with Bretford Lockers

LOCATION Jacksonville, FL
STUDENTS 130,000
DEPLOYMENT 68,000 laptops


With the nation’s 20th largest school implementing a 1:1 rollout, naturally the method to keep laptops stored, charged and secured came into question. Educators needed a solution that would allow for easy asset management and future device upgrades.


Duval determined Bretford’s TechGuard Connect Lockers would offer the best solution. Students utilize individual, clear-view locker bays for secure device storage and charging. Through Bretford Connect™, a cloud-based web portal, IT administrators can access real-time locker stats, remotely unlock bays, and provide a full audit trail through data logging and device check-in and check-out. The portal even makes it possible to simultaneously update an entire fleet of lockers with the latest features.

“The remote management and upgrade capabilities have made a major difference for our IT team,” said Jim Culbert, the district’s executive director of information technology. “A software upgrade used to take a significant amount of time because we had to go through each laptop separately. Now we just log on to our portal and with a few clicks, all the laptops in our lockers update. That means our IT team can focus on bigger tasks; the portal handles the little things for us.”


Increased sense of device ownership for the students, resulted in fewer repairs and damaged equipment claims. IT staff spent fewer resources repairing and fixing computers.

Reduction in computer maintenance time, at the beginning of the day. Patches and updates are now pushed through to the machines overnight, allowing students to get started with their day right away.

Once installed district wide, implementation of TechGuard Connect will give back district educators 165,680 hours of instruction time per year they would otherwise spend on charging or managing student devices.

Installing the smart lockers in the hallways, saves the district expensive electrical re-wiring to each classroom to support the charging of a classroom full of devices.

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