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Bretford’s lockers help to manage assets and speed up daily operatons for a quick return on investment

INDUSTRIES SERVED Manufacturers of cars, trucks and heavy equipment


In order to automate work floor production, this customer’s pre-delivery automobile inspection centers deployed 1000 handheld Panasonic scanners. The scanners where deployed throughout the facility to streamline workflow and manage pre-shipment inventory. Each scanner was required to be physically checked in and out before and after each shift. This process created 30-minute wait lines which held up production on the work floor. In addition, device charging became a challenge with no secure area to ensure a safe and adequate charge.


Bretford TechGuard Connect Lockers were selected to provide a safe store-and-charge solution, featuring 10 individual locker bays equipped with RFID technology that enables device check-in and check-out.

One hundred charging lockers were deployed across nine facilities to store and charge the scanners. With the use of RFID badge technology, workers can check out and check in the scanners before and after shifts. This system also allows the scanners to be safely stored and charged between shifts and eliminates the bottleneck of long wait lines that interrupt workflow. In addition, the Bretford Connect™ software platform allows managers to track the daily use of each scanner.

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