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Device accountability and preparation on the rise for high school students using Bretford Lockers

LOCATION Jonesboro, AK
DEVICE Macbook Air


Located in a low-income, urban area, theft and security of the laptops outside of school were a concern, with students expressing worry about bringing devices home. Additionally, school infrastructure was outdated, lacking enough electrical outlets needed to charge these devices. Jonesboro HS students and faculty needed a place to safely store and charge their laptops both during and outside of school hours.


Bretford’s 10-Bay TechGuard Charging Lockers were selected to provide a personal experience for storing, securing and charging individual laptops, tablets and phones. Each TechGuard Locker bay provides complete control over device security: students simply set a personalized four-digit code using the digital keypad, place the device into the bay, close the door and walk away.

Lockers are used during the students’ lunch hour, but many choose to store and charge their devices during athletic or extracurricular activities. Storing laptops overnight is an option if they feel uncomfortable bringing the device home.

Due to all-round popularity and success, future installations of lockers near the school’s media center are set to take place.

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