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Major fashion retailer employs Bretford Charging Lockers to uphold their customer service credo



This technology-forward retailer sought out a reliable, secure method for charging the mobile devices used by department sales team members to look up real-time product availability and to facilitate point-of-sale transactions. These devices needed to be centrally stored and sufficiently charged, accessible to team members shift after shift.


Bretford’s TechGuard Charging Locker was selected to secure, charge and organize devices at locations across the U.S. Each locker bay features multiple charging ports, shared PIN access and clear-view windows, making charging and provisioning of devices simple and effective. Each locker bay is equippped with one AC port and two USB ports, with enough space to accommodate a laptop, tablet and mobile phone. To access these devices, team members use a shared 4-digit passcode to unlock the respective bay. Team members can easily see which bays are open for charging or occupied with an avilable device through an integrated, security-grade window. For troubleshooting and management, IT administrators can access the lockers with customized key cards.

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