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Bretford’s Charging Cart Solution streamlined customer service experience and POS Operations



This U.S.-based telecommunications company set out to deploy handheld devices to enhance the POS experience for customers. Employees at every retail location would be assigned an iPad mini with an attached payment device to use during their shift. While the benefits included shorter wait times and readily available product information via the deployed devices, the ability to efficiently charge them and reset their software shift after shift presented a challenge. This would not only have been time-consuming for one employee to tackle manually, but the security factor was especially pertinent. Private customer information existed on each device after all completed transactions that needed to be reset prior to the next employee receiving the device.


Bretford’s optimized cart was designed to charge, secure and provision devices and includes a tray implement to serve as a docking station. In addition, the cart features LED lights that indicate which devices are ready to use. Paired with an integrated Mac mini, devices are easily provisioned and swept at the end of each shift.

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