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Fortune 500 Company invests in modern banking

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bretford success story retail banking

New retail banking model thrives with fully-charged devices that drive customer engagement



As one of the nation’s top 10 largest banking institutions, this company offers a broad range of financial products and services to consumers and large commercial clients. Their most recent banking innovation is a departure from traditional banking models: open space cafés, where ambassadors casually engage customers by answering financial questions, discussing promotions or chatting about the latest ballgame.

Keeping the ambassadors’ tablets and laptops fully charged shift-toshift at over 30 nationwide locations presented a serious challenge.


The TechGuard Charging Lockers were chosen to secure, charge and organize devices used by café ambassadors. Each locker bay is equipped with an AC outlet and two USB charging ports, with enough space to accommodate a laptop, tablet and mobile phone simultaneously. Ambassadors can easily identify which bay contains a device ready for use and which bay is available to charge a device with the integrated security-grade window.

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