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Bretford lockers pay for themselves in just two weeks

Home Home Success Stories Texas-Based Government Agency
A police officer using a rugged laptop while sitting in the driver's seat of his car

Government agency eliminates need for full-time IT Administrator for overnight duty



Rugged laptops are utilized by personnel throughout the day and night and shared between shifts. Issues arose when numerous rugged laptop related tickets came in during the night with no IT staff on-site, leaving employees without a properly working laptop, thus impeding their ability to serve the community. While IT support was needed, it was not financially feasible to have an IT member on overnight duty.


In order to provide 24/7 IT support, Bretford’s TechGuard Connect Lockers were chosen to keep functional laptops readily available on-site, allowing officials to perform their duties. Featuring individual locker bays and cloud-based centralized management, IT personnel can remotely open locker bays and manage lockers by overseeing device check-in/check-out.

When an off-hours help desk ticket comes in regarding a rugged laptop, IT administrators can remotely open a locker bay, giving the on-site employee access to an operational device. Employees can also gain access to locker bays with an assigned passcode or RFID.


Based on the average entry level rate of $34 per hour for an IT Project Manager, the agency experienced a full ROI in under two weeks with their new Bretford TechGuard Connect Locker.

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