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Adjustable Height Carts

Our adjustable height carts are perfect for transporting audiovisual equipment, and we provide you with a wide variety of configurations so you can choose the one that best suits your specific needs.

Personalize Your Adjustable Height Utility Cart

Customize your adjustable cart with the logo of your organization and choose from a selection of 16 vibrant colors to match your branding preferences.

Features & Benefits


Our versatile adjustable height carts are ideal for accommodating a diverse range of audiovisual equipment including cameras, projectors, and more.


Our carts are equipped with several safety features to keep your equipment safe during transportation. These features include non-slip rubber mats on the top shelves and a lip on each shelf.


If you need an extra layer of security, one of our models comes with a locking cabinet, which is useful for preventing theft of your valuable materials and equipment.


Equipped with height-adjustable top shelves to adapt to your specific needs, our adjustable height utility carts allow you to transport different types of equipment and materials.


For added convenience, our carts include 6-outlet power strips with 20 foot cords, allowing you to power your devices anywhere in the room.


AV Cart Adj, 4″ Caster, 24Wx18Dx26-42H, Black

Multimedia Cart Adj, 4″ Caster, 24Wx18Dx34-42H

Multimedia Cart Adj, 4″ Caster, Incl Elec 24Wx18Dx34-42H

Multimedia Cart Adj, 5″ Caster, Incl Elec 24Wx18Dx35-43H

Multimedia Cart Adj, 5″ Caster 24Wx18Dx35-43H

AV Cart Adj, 4″ Caster Incl Elec, 24Wx18Dx26-42H, Black

AV Cart Adj, 5″ Caster Incl Elec, 24Wx18Dx27-43H

Multimedia Cart Adj, 4″ Caster, 24Wx18Dx26-42H

Multimedia Cart Adj, 4″ Caster, Incl Elec, 24Wx18Dx26-42H

Model Description
A2642 AV Cart Adj, 4" Caster, 24Wx18Dx26-42H, Black
A2642DNS Multimedia Cart Adj, 4" Caster, 24Wx18Dx34-42H
A2642DNSE Multimedia Cart Adj, 4" Caster, Incl Elec 24Wx18Dx34-42H
A2642DNS-E5 Multimedia Cart Adj, 5" Caster, Incl Elec 24Wx18Dx35-43H
A2642DNS-P5 Multimedia Cart Adj, 5" Caster 24Wx18Dx35-43H
A2642E AV Cart Adj, 4" Caster Incl Elec, 24Wx18Dx26-42H, Black
A2642-E5 AV Cart Adj, 5" Caster Incl Elec, 24Wx18Dx27-43H
A2642NS Multimedia Cart Adj, 4" Caster, 24Wx18Dx26-42H
A2642NSE Multimedia Cart Adj, 4" Caster, Incl Elec, 24Wx18Dx26-42H

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