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CUBE Tower® Pre-Wired
USB-C Charging Tower

The Bretford CUBE Tower® Pre-Wired comes with USB-C power adapters, so it is compatible with modern devices. This USB-C charging tower comes equipped with other convenient features such as a 20 ft. power cord and it is also personalizable. All these features make it an excellent charging solution for classrooms.

Active Charging™ for Active Learning

Convenient access to USB-C chargers ensures that productivity never decreases.

Versatile Charging Tower With USB-C Ports

The unique design of our charging tower with USB-C ports allows you to position it between desks and the 20 ft. power cord enables unrestricted mobility within the room.

Ready to Use

We deliver the CUBE Tower® Pre-Wired already assembled, so the product is ready to use right out of the box.

Features & Benefits

Close-up view of the USB-C power adapters of a Bretford CUBE Tower Pre-Wired in charcoal color

Ready To Use

Our USB-C charging tower comes fully assembled and pre-wired, so there’s no need for additional assembly. It includes 5 ft. USB-C power adapters.

A Bretford CUBE Tower Pre-Wired USB-C charging tower between a group of desks

Convenient Access

8 65W USB-C power adapters help you save valuable time by charging multiple devices simultaneously.

Close-up view of the power indicator light of a Bretford CUBE Tower Pre-Wired charging tower with USB-C

The Beacon

The power indicator light indicates when the CUBE Tower® Pre-Wired is powered on and ready to charge your devices.

A Bretford CUBE Tower between a group of desks and a 20 ft power cord illustration

Charging Everywhere

Thanks to its 20 ft. power cord, our charging tower with USB-C ports is capable of supplying power anywhere in the room.


Your Product. Your Identity.


Give your charging tower a personalized touch by choosing from 16 different colors.

Brand / Logo

Customize your USB charging tower with your own logo to promote your brand and improve its visibility.

Learn More About Our USB-C Charging Tower



16 x 16.25 x 39 in.

28 lbs.

– CUBE Tower® Pre-Wired fully assembled
– 8 USB-C Power Adapters 
– Power cord

Frequently Asked Questions About Our USB-C Charging Tower

Learn more about our USB-C charging tower.

The Bretford CUBE Tower™ Pre-Wired is compatible with a variety of devices, including Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, phones, and other devices that have USB-C ports. For more details, we recommend checking the specification sheet.

The shipment includes a fully assembled CUBE Tower™ Pre-Wired, 8 USB-C power adapters, and a power cord. The dimensions of the tower are 16 x 16.25 x 39 inches. Everything you need to get started is included in the package.

Our charging tower with USB-C ports comes with a 7-year warranty. 


This warranty covers both mechanical, and electrical issues, and there are no hidden fees or loopholes. If you encounter any problems with your product, this warranty allows you to request a return, replacement, or refund. 


We take pride in using the best materials and components to provide top-quality products, and if you experience any problems, we're committed to taking the necessary steps to resolve them.


To learn more about our warranty, please contact us at 1 800 521 9614.

The Bretford CUBE Tower™ Pre-Wired is manufactured from the highest quality USA-sourced steel, ensuring superior durability. 


We take pride in our manufacturing process, which takes place in the United States, specifically in Franklin Park, IL. This not only ensures exceptional quality but also helps reduce lead times by approximately 2 times.

Bretford is a trusted company with 75 years of experience creating innovative charging solutions for mobile devices.


We have partnered with various organizations to learn how to tailor our charging solutions to the specific challenges of each field. 


Our products are designed to be safe and meet strict safety standards, additionally, our products are made in the USA, using high-quality, locally sourced materials for superior quality and durability. 


You can trust Bretford for quality charging solutions that fit your unique needs and prioritize safety.

Power adapter replacement is done through the side access panel by removing two screws.


If you want to learn more, make sure to check out the official user guide, there you will find information such as a product overview, technical specifications, how to get started with your charging tower, more information on the indicator light, and more.


Here are some safety precautions to consider:

  • This USB-C charging tower is designed for indoor use only.
  • Before plugging in the unit, inspect the switch and power cord for any damage. If you notice any damage, do not plug it in.
  • Do not sit on, stand on, ride on, or place heavy objects on the unit. This can damage the unit and create safety risks.
  • When moving the product from one room to another, it's essential to wrap the power cable on the winders located on the side. This prevents cable damage and keeps it organized.

For more safety precautions, please check the official user guide of the product.

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