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Apple’s suite of products has long been the preferred choice for a variety of sectors, including the U.S. government and military institutions. These organizations prioritize information security, efficiency, and reliability — all aspects that Apple products inherently excel in.

However, the key aspect that sets Apple products apart — and is a main point in their integration within the government and military — is their unparalleled security.

In 2013, the Pentagon officially approved the use of iPhones and iPads for military use, a testament to the superior security features of Apple products. The agency’s endorsement underscores the trust placed in Apple’s robust security measures within environments where data protection is paramount.

Integrating Apple Solutions for Government and Military Use

Apple is not only widely used by the general public — the company also became a steady partner of the U.S. government. Today, government and military personnel use handheld iOS devices like iPads and iPhones to enhance work productivity, safeguard data security, and streamline various work processes.

Below are two examples of how Apple devices are used:

  • iPads for mapping and GPS. The Department of Defense has issued iPads to soldiers deployed in the Middle East. The soldiers use the tablets for mapping and GPS to help them better navigate the desert terrain, as well as a means of communication and coordination with other personnel.
  • iPads for paper document replacement. The Air Force has long procured iPads as part of their effort to streamline training and documentation efforts by limiting paper usage. iPads were used not only to replace paper flight manuals but also other training documents.

How Apple Ensures Security of Government and Military Data

Apple devices offer a level of protection that is unmatched by any other operating system. Thanks to Apple’s security measures, it has become a top choice for government agencies and military organizations, all of whom handle highly sensitive and classified information daily.

Apple uses the following measures to ensure the security of government and military data:

  • Technology for protecting data. The built-in features of iOS devices make iPads and iPhones nearly impossible to hack. They also safeguard data through encryption.
  • Erasing data remotely. Apple devices allow users or owners to delete data remotely, preventing unauthorized access if a device is lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised.
  • Protocols for privacy. Users of Apple devices have control over the data they share with apps, requiring developers to obtain user consent before tracking or sharing data.
  • Security for apps. Apple ensures that apps are secure and free from malware, allowing limited or controlled access to any stored data on the device.
  • Transparency and privacy information about data. Apple maintains transparency in how user data is used, analyzed, and shared.

Seamless Device Management and Other Apple Solutions for Government Use

Security features are not the only things Apple brings to the table when it comes to military and government use. Another major pain point that Apple devices solve is device management.

The Apple ecosystem is well-known for its seamless integration and device management capabilities. These capabilities are particularly useful for organizations that use a large number of Apple devices, such as government and military agencies.

Apple iOS devices also come with a suite of device management tools that allow administrators to remotely manage and configure devices, update policies, restrict access to certain apps or features, and more. Two types of software that streamline iOS device management are Apple Configurator and Apple Provisioning Utility. Such software applications make it easier for government IT departments to maintain control over a large number of devices, ensuring they are secure and up-to-date with the latest software.

Available third-party software and hardware solutions for iOS further raise the value and usability of Apple devices.

How Does Bretford Support Apple Solutions for the Military?

Bretford is one of the companies that further enhances the usability of Apple devices in government and military settings. As the first company to create a charging station for Apple products, Bretford has become the standard — not only in making secure storage and charging options for Apple devices but also in continuing to provide innovative charging solutions for various organizations.

Secured Apple device charging stations are crucial for maintaining seamless device usage. In fast-paced, information-driven, and highly secure settings like the military, secure charging solutions make a huge difference by:

  • Reducing the chances of device theft, loss, and breakage
  • Improving device hand-off and management
  • Ensuring the devices are charged and ready for use at any time
  • Reducing costs, thanks to device theft or breakage prevention
  • Optimizing energy efficiency

Bretford has two Apple device charging stations that deliver all the above benefits and more.

Bretford PureCharge Cart®

One of the most popular charging solutions from Bretford is the PureCharge Cart. Specifically optimized for Apple iPads, this iPad charging cart is fully mobile and comes with a durable and secure padlock.

Each PureCharge Cart unit is securely welded and comes fully assembled, making it ready to use and deploy for outdoor military use. The carts are pre-wired with custom lightning cables, each one at an optimal length for connecting and storing devices inside. Moreover, the PureCharge Cart can hold and charge up to 40 iPad tablets while still maintaining a space-saving size.

The carts are ergonomically designed and feature industrial-grade locking casters for ease of maneuverability. With its compact design and durable construction, the cart can easily be transported between locations and withstand heavy usage.

PureCharge Station®

The Bretford PureCharge Station is a non-mobile version of the PureCharge Cart. It has many of the same features, from a fully welded and secure padlock to its optimized full-rate charging for Apple devices.

One difference in the PureCharge Station is its even smaller, more compact size. The charging station only has room for up to 20 iPad devices. However, the station is scalable. Three charging stations can be stacked to charge up to 60 devices in a small footprint.

This scalability makes the PureCharge Station ideal for government or military office usage, such as at the front desk or a dedicated charging facility.

The Bottom Line

The superior security features, coupled with their sleek design and user-friendly interface, make Apple devices an ideal fit for government and military functions. Bretford’s PureCharge Cart and PureCharge Station resonate with the same principle of utility and security. The combination of Apple’s cutting-edge devices and Bretford’s innovative charging solutions brings forth a synergy that allows for more efficient device management, enhanced productivity, and optimal department operations.

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