Unleashing Manufacturing Efficiency With Advanced Charging Systems

Unplanned downtime is one of the biggest problems the manufacturing industry can face. The production line or manufacturing facility’s productivity suffers significantly whenever downtime happens, as does the business’ bottom line.

Although large-scale downtime is generally due to equipment failure, smaller device issues may also cause delays and potential losses, which does not come as a big surprise considering the widespread use of mobile devices like phones and tablets in the manufacturing industry.

Mobile Device Usage in the Manufacturing Industry

For some people, the word “manufacturing” makes them think of large machinery, heavy equipment, and manual labor — not modern device conveniences like smartphones and tablets.

However, with the rise of IoT and Industry 4.0, mobile devices have become critical tools in driving efficiency and productivity in manufacturing. According to 73% of industrial manufacturing CEOs, mobile technologies are key components for strategic growth.

Today, mobile phones and tablets have become essential to manufacturing operations. Below are some ways mobile devices are used in the manufacturing industry:

  • Inventory management. Real-time inventory tracking enables manufacturers to update inventory or supply changes as they happen, thereby reducing waste, increasing efficiency, and improving accuracy on the manufacturing floor.
  • Communication and collaboration. Mobile devices facilitate communication between employees on the production floor and management teams.
  • Quality control. Mobile devices are used to perform quality checks, collect data, and record issues on the fly.
  • Training and safety. Mobile devices are used for training purposes as well as monitoring employee safety.
  • Process automation. Mobile applications and devices help automate manual tasks, saving time and improving accuracy, and can also be used to operate machinery remotely.
  • Maintenance and repair. Mobile phones can be used to schedule maintenance tasks, track equipment performance, and troubleshoot issues.
  • Data collection and analysis. Manufacturers can use mobile devices to collate data about their machinery, allowing them to monitor equipment performance and status, product quality or output, and more.

One of the most common issues users face concerning mobile device usage in the manufacturing industry is quite simple: device charging. A close second is the physical safety of the devices. The lack of convenient, consistent, and secure charging facilities — both inside and outside production areas — can potentially reduce device uptime.

Essentially, the lack of charging systems in the manufacturing industry can hinder worker efficiency and productivity. Bretford offers the ideal solution for this problem: advanced charging lockers.

Ensuring Mobile Device Uptime and Manufacturing Efficiency With Bretford

The many applications of mobile devices in manufacturing highlight the importance of ensuring mobile device uptime. To address this issue, Bretford offers several advanced charging systems to ensure steady and safe device usage to drive manufacturing efficiency improvement.

Bretford’s Techguard charging lockers, in particular, are ideal for the manufacturing industry. Our charging lockers are designed to simplify and support three processes: device charging, device loaning and distribution, and device safety and security.

These lockers provide secure storage and charging for several devices at a time. This allows employees to keep their devices charged and accessible throughout the day, improving communication and collaboration on the production floor.

Below are a few features of our innovative Techguard charging lockers and how they support manufacturing efficiency improvement:

Secure Charging Spot

Our charging lockers solve two vital considerations when using mobile devices in manufacturing: charging and security. The durable and secure build of the lockers protects the charging mobile devices.

Installing the charging lockers in the production area allows employees to charge their devices without having to worry about potentially breaking their phone or laptop due to the work environment.

Additionally, the charging lockers help reduce the need for employees to use their personal devices as a workaround when company-issued devices are low on battery. This ensures that workers stay focused on their tasks and avoid any potential distractions or delays caused by low battery.

Device Loaning and Distribution

Some manufacturing processes may require the use of shared mobile devices such as tablets or phones used as inventory scanners. Our charging lockers make it easy and convenient to store unused devices. At the same time, these devices are being charged while waiting for the next user, which helps companies avoid getting a shared loaner device without any power.

Ensuring devices are ready for use can efficiently reduce device downtime and confusion over device loaning or distribution.

Network Router Compatibility

Advanced TechGuard charging lockers feature not only AC and USB outlets for charging but also ethernet and network-ready spaces. The network router-compatible lockers can accommodate switches or panels to facilitate easier device management.

If your mobile devices require physical network connections for updates, data uploads, and other management functions, it can all be done conveniently while plugging in your device inside the lockers.

Keyless Access and Cloud-Based Software

Thanks to keyless access, manufacturing employees have one less key to keep track of and use. Employees only need an RFID or PIN to open the locker bays and access their devices.

Moreover, our Bretford cloud-based software gives manufacturers’ IT administrators the power to remotely configure lockers. The software also allows organizations to manage and track locker usage more easily, ensuring all devices are securely stored, charged, and accounted for at the end of each day.

The Bottom Line

With our charging lockers, manufacturers can streamline their device management and reduce downtime caused by dead batteries, misplaced devices, or broken devices due to accidents on the manufacturing floor.

Bretford provides an innovative, secure, and convenient storage solution for shared mobile devices. Integrating our TechGuard charging lockers can help ensure device uptime and enhance device management to boost manufacturing efficiency.

To learn more about Bretford’s line of charging lockers or to request a free quote, please contact us.

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