The Digital Era of Healthcare: Modern Solutions for Patient Well-Being

Healthcare delivery has always been about the personnel who provide vital health services in and outside of a hospital. However, as technology evolves, so must the solutions that health workers use to deliver the best patient care possible. 

Handheld devices are making waves in healthcare. From mobile communication devices to digital monitoring handhelds, various digital healthcare solutions are streamlining diagnostics and — by extension — enhancing patient well-being. 

Of course, the adoption of these devices is only half the battle for many health facilities. The other half consists of modern charging solutions that are designed to maintain device availability and accessibility to those who need them most. 

Learn more about how these solutions are changing the game for hospitals, their staff, and the well-being of patients. 

Also, read to the end to discover how Bretford’s charging solutions elevate device safety, availability, and accessibility for healthcare providers. 

Technology’s Impact on Patient Well-Being

The adoption of devices in hospitals marks a critical moment in digital health innovation. As we speak, handheld healthcare devices are occupying pivotal roles in hospital workflows, enhancing productivity and minimizing downtimes. Perhaps the most palpable effects of digital health innovations are the improvements in patient well-being. 

However, how does technology revolutionize healthcare delivery in a way that is experienced directly by patients? 

Here are some of the ways. 

Improved Communication and Access to Information

Handheld devices aren’t just communication tools. They act as channels for seamless interaction between patients and healthcare providers. 

With the ability to access information at their fingertips, patients can now be active participants in their care journey. This connectivity creates a sense of empowerment as patients gain insights and understanding about their health conditions, treatment plans, and recovery processes. 

Faster Diagnostic Times

Various handheld devices have led to faster diagnostic times. From chargeable pulse oximeters to handheld blood pressure monitors, digital health innovations like these have enabled healthcare providers to quickly assess patients. Patients, in turn, can benefit from shorter waiting times and enhanced convenience.  

The quick data turnover from healthcare handhelds is also essential to quicker healthcare decision-making. When devices cut down diagnostic times, patients receive the necessary medical interventions before their conditions deteriorate further. 

Remote Monitoring and Telehealth

The adoption of handheld devices in healthcare workflows has broken the traditional norms of health monitoring. Today, physicians can monitor patients with handheld devices from a distance, keeping a close eye on their patients’ conditions from afar. 

Mobile devices are also revolutionizing the way physicians schedule and conduct appointments with patients. With mobile phones or tablets, physicians can see patients for follow-up appointments — even beyond the confines of a health facility. 

The Power of Charged and Accessible Devices in Healthcare

Within a hospital, clinic, or out-patient facility, fast-paced work environments are common. For this reason, digital healthcare solutions like handheld devices must be constantly available to the health team. 

Availability is a function of two things: charged devices and secure access. 

The Importance of Keeping Your Institutions Digital Healthcare Devices Charged

Digital healthcare devices are essential to your institution’s workflows. Besides facilitating communications, these devices also contribute to patient experiences as they shorten wait times and enhance treatment decision-making. 

For these reasons, keeping devices available for use must be a priority if your institution wants to deliver seamless medical care. Achieving this goal requires charging your devices regularly.

By keeping your devices charged, you’ll eliminate downtime, reducing workflow inefficiencies and dissatisfied patients. 

Securing Your Devices Is Equally Critical

Digital healthcare devices shouldn’t only be kept charged. They must also be protected from theft and tampering to remain accessible to members of the health team. For this reason, your health institution must also have a way to secure devices and bolster accountability. 

Securing your devices is achievable in several ways. Some institutions have resorted to device logs and frequent checks. Others are more traditional in their approach to device security, restricting access to only a few health team members. 

Hitting Two Birds With One Stone: Bretford’s Charging Solutions

Keeping devices secure and charged presents unique challenges. While some have separate procedures for charging and device security, we propose a different digital healthcare solution that achieves both — our charging solutions.  

Here are some of our charging solutions that are guaranteed to enhance your institution’s device availability, security, and functionality. 

TechGuard Charging Lockers

First, we have our TechGuard Charging Lockers.  

Our TechGuard Charging Lockers are secure charging spots designed for various handheld devices. The lockers come equipped with cloud-based ledgers to provide real-time data on device condition and — most importantly — who has the devices. 

The TechGuard Charging Locker also features a device swap feature. This feature can reduce downtime as it allows IT personnel to replace broken devices quickly. 

Meanwhile, a “device loaner” feature allows health team members to “check out” devices without any staff intervention. 

PowerSync Pro Smart Hubs

If you’re looking for charging solutions specifically for mobile devices, the PowerSync Pro Smart Hub is the digital healthcare solution for you. 

The PowerSync Pro Smart Hub can accommodate multiple phones and tablets with its high capacity, keeping them charged and ready for immediate use. 

Besides the PowerSync’s capacity, the Smart Hub’s charge-and-sync feature allows you to charge devices as they sync to a host computer. This feature keeps the devices charged and gives you real-time, use-related data.  

PureCharge Pro Station

The PureCharge Pro Station combines fast charging and secure storage for USB-C devices of all kinds. Its Power Delivery Technology maximizes storage space while a three-point locking system optimizes device security.   

Operations and device access are made simpler with LED indicators and organized cables. Also, the PureCharge Pro Station’s stackable design economizes space, becoming a light-footprint solution to device charging. 

Keep Your Digital Health Devices Ready and Safe With Bretford

Swift patient communication, streamlined diagnostics and workflows, and consultations beyond the hospital all hinge on the availability and security of your devices.   

Keep your institution’s health devices functional, available, and safe with our charging solutions. With our charging solutions, you will address various problems associated with device adoption in your institution. 

Look no further for charging solutions that achieve multiple objectives. Contact us at Bretford today for a free quote. 

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