Charging Solutions for the Modern Sports Arena

Modern technology has changed sports for the better. The shift is not just limited to improving athlete performance. Technology in sports has also changed our experience. From live broadcasts to digital clipboards for coaches, many innovations have arrived to elevate all types of games and events.

One drawback of using the full extent of advanced devices is how they need to be charged regularly. These innovations require power. To avoid disruptions and long downtimes, charging solutions are necessary. These products make the use of sports tech more seamless and efficient.

Bretford dives deeper into the benefits of technology in sports, specifically charging solutions and mobile carts. Keep reading to learn more!

Allows for Seamless Stadium Operations

A stadium may look like a simple place where athletes play sports and people spectate. However, there is a lot going on in the background. Support workers like security, lighting, crowd control, and other departments all work together to provide a safe and convenient arena experience for all. 

Modern devices like phones and tablets are handy tools for these departments, ensuring real-time and clear communication. Devices without any charge could result in disruptions, causing delays and miscommunication. With charging ports and docks, stadium management can ensure more seamless operations among all personnel.

Turns the Stadium Into a Classroom for Minimum Downtime

Gone are the days when coaches had to relay their game analysis and strategies using small clipboards or whiteboards, which were inefficient and took up a lot of time. Today, they can take advantage of large monitors and tablets to coach the entire team. Coaches can show playbacks and provide real-time coaching feedback — no need to go over it off the field. Essentially, devices can turn the field into a classroom, reducing downtime and allowing for more reps on the field. The athletes can adjust strategies and find areas of weakness without needing to meet at another time. 

Charging ports and display carts become a necessity, so the teams can take full advantage of these devices. For one, display carts make large monitors more mobile, allowing even large screens to be transported into the field. Having charging solutions nearby also helps coaches keep tablets and other types of sports tech at full working capacity. There’s no room for interruptions in these high-stakes events. Thankfully, charging ports help coaches avoid such scenarios. 

Better Experience for Fans

Almost every fan will own a smartphone, and with that comes a demand for chargers. Stadiums can provide charging solutions, so fans can stay entertained. Best of all, having fully operational smartphones allows them to post about the games. It’s basically free advertising for the arena, especially if these spectators have huge social media followings.

Uninterrupted Coverage

One important aspect of any sports event is the live broadcast. Most arenas and stadiums already have a system for this, such as wide cameras and skycams. However, drones and aerial cameras also require regular charging to stay operational — even for extended periods. With charging stations, cameramen and drone pilots can ensure seamless coverage of the events, even if the arena hosts several games a day.

Bretford’s Charging Solutions for Sports Tech

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile charging ports and display carts, we have many products for use in arenas, stadiums, and other sports facilities. Check out the products in our catalog that are especially suitable for athletic environments.

Cordless Explorer Display Cart

Our Cordless Explorer™ Display Cart makes communication and strategizing easy and convenient. It’s a battery-powered display car that can handle any type of terrain. With an outdoor rating, the product can also withstand regular weather conditions. With this cart, you can fit monitors up to 200 lbs in weight.

The best feature of this product is that it has its own battery, making it cordless. Users won’t be encumbered by short wires. This display cart becomes the perfect companion for coaches and teams who need a device that helps them create and modify their plays on the go.

Explorer Display Cart

Explorer™ Display Cart is a heavy-duty TV cart that can take a punch. It can carry up to 200 lbs, making it suitable for even the biggest monitors. We’ve designed it to include a safe and stable stand as well as soft-tread casters. The result is maximum stability and effortless mobility. This cart can be used in an array of settings, most especially on the concourse or in alumni and luxury suites. Audiences who can’t see the field will have a large display for viewing, making the car ideal for this location.

PureCharge Pro Station

With the PureCharge Pro Station™, your facility can have a secure place where USB-C devices can fast charge. It has a built-in 65W USB Power Delivery technology that can charge up to 20 devices. The charging station is the perfect addition to areas like changing rooms or control booths. Athletes, coaches, and support personnel can use the product to ensure that their devices are always ready for use.

PowerSync Pro Station

The PowerSync Pro Station has an enclosed structure that allows for secure storage and charging. This charging station can be placed inside coaches’ offices, allowing users to charge iPads being used on the field. You’ll have a single, fast-charging station that allows for easy organization and uninterrupted use.

CUBE Tower Pre-Wired

Our CUBE Tower™ Pre-Wired is the ultimate charging solution for high-traffic areas. It’s a powerhouse — literally and figuratively — that comes with eight USB-C chargers with five-foot wires. Since the station is pre-wired, you can reduce clutter and tripping hazards.

Wrapping Up: The Advantages of Charging Solutions in Modern Sports

Having advanced digital devices in stadiums and arenas not only enhances player skills, but this sports tech also improves everyone’s overall experience. From ensuring seamless communication to uninterrupted live broadcasts, these innovations play an important, supportive role in such environments. Charging solutions are the key to ensuring that sports tech remains operational for longer. That way, sports facilities can ensure seamless, efficient, and secure use of technology in sports.

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