Classroom charging for the future with the CUBE Tower™: a mobile charging station

Classroom Charging for the Future

by Natalie Schlueter

The modern classroom is more reliant on digital learning than ever before. Students are using technology for almost all of their studies in the classroom. Not only are students using technology, but teachers are also reliant on classroom charging for their equipment as well.

Additionally, 30% of students arrive to class without a fully charged device.

The landscape of the modern classroom requires that classroom charging adapts to the learning environment. How can this happen? Classrooms aren’t going to magically install new wall outlets for each student. How can students all charge their devices while in their desks, and not sharing an outlet or sharing charging time?

Innovative solutions need to bring the charging to the students and their devices, away from the wall, at their desks. Find out how the CUBE TowerTM and CUBE TowerTM Pre-Wired can do just that below.

Classroom Charging Away from a Wall

Traditionally, students would get up from their desk, grab their charger, and plug in the device to the nearest wall outlet. But what happens after that?

Students then have to navigate learning without their device or learning from the ground while their device charges.

In addition to the students having to navigate sitting on the ground, the device is also at risk of being stepped on, or rolled over when it sits on the ground as well. It is not a good environment for the student or device to be in.

Having a solution that is mobile and can bring charging to the students at their desk is the most ideal situation for students, devices, and teachers. Not only can students remain at their desks to charge their devices, devices are out of harm’s way, and teachers can focus on teaching, not navigating students all over the classroom.

Classroom charging does not need to come from a wall outlet, it can come from just about anywhere with the right solution.

The Bretford charging towers are the best solutions to bring charging away from the wall to the student. CUBE TowerTM is equipped with eight three prong outlets and CUBE TowerTM Pre-Wired is equipped with eight USB-C power adapters.

Inspiring Classroom Learning

Not only is it important for students to charge their devices from their desks, as to be sure not to disrupt classroom learning, it is also important for teachers to know that students are getting what they need.

Bretford charging towers are equipped with a Beacon light on the top to indicate to students and teachers that the mobile charging station is working and charging devices. This is a great way for teachers to rest assured that their students are getting what they need while continuing with the lesson.

The Beacon inspires classroom learning as a light in the classroom to symbolize the path forward. While students are actively learning, they are inspired by the Beacon of light uniting them together in one space.

Active Charging™ for Active Learning

Having enough outlets for over 30 devices to charge at one time is next to impossible if schools are relying on wall outlets. Not only could there be a limited amount of wall outlets, the wall outlets that are in the room could be hidden by desks, bookshelves, toys or other classroom necessities.

Having enough outlets is a feat on its own. The CUBE Tower™ has eight, three-pronged outlets to support all student devices in the classroom. This means that while students are actively learning, they can actively be charging their devices as well. Classroom charging has to adapt to the new active learning structures of the modern classroom, and with 8 outlets conveniently located between student desks, it is the perfect opportunity for active learning to continue without being dampened by technology needs.

The CUBE TowerTM Pre-Wired has eight 65W USB-C power adapters secured to the unit so students don’t have to worry about bringing their own charger. With 5ft of cord length off the unit, it is a perfect solution to support a group of students and reach all devices.

Finding a Charging Solution that Works

If students are taking home devices every night for school work, you can expect that devices will not come back fully-charged the next day. After all, 30% of students arrive at school in the morning without a fully-charged device. Make sure you are prepared for the fallout each and every morning.

Finding a solution that works could mean reiterating the importance of charging devices at home before the next school day, or it could mean proactively finding a solution.

When you proactively find a solution, you will experience increased efficiency, productivity, and student focus in the classroom. When devices can be charged from virtually anywhere in the classroom, it allows for the flexibility needed to serve all student and teacher needs. When needs are met, classrooms can focus on what matters: learning.

The CUBE TowerTM and CUBE TowerTM Pre-Wired are the best proactive solutions for a classroom that has 1:1 devices for students. The modern classroom landscape has changed, and so has the technology to support it.

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