Provisioning can provide fast, automatic updates to groups of iOS devices with a host Mac mini

The Most Frequently Asked Questions: PowerSync Pro™ Gen. 2 Smart Hub

by Natalie Schlueter

Mobile devices are useful only when they are fully charged, synced, updated and ready to go. When this does not happen, mobile device management strategies fall to the wayside.

IT teams, in any environment with extreme data control, like Retail, Healthcare, and Government experience added work to ensure that data is being collected correctly, devices are updating efficiently, and every user has what they need from technology.

This can be a difficult feat without the right technology in place to support an MDM strategy. Provisioning devices to create an individualized experience for each user can be complex without the necessary solutions.

The PowerSync Pro Gen 2. Smart Hub is the ultimate technology booster to help decrease Tier 1 IT tickets, increase efficient workflows and streamline the management of confidential or complex data.

Find out the most frequently asked questions below to see why the PowerSync Pro Gen 2. Smart Hub might be for you.

1. How does the smart hub assist day to day workflows?

In essence, the PowerSync Pro Gen. 2 Smart Hub is designed to store, charge, and provision iOS devices. This solution empowers IT teams that manage a fleet of 250 or more devices in a mission critical environment.

The smart hub is designed to automate data transfers when a used device is plugged into the hub. This automated data transfer allows for IT to be as hands off as possible while ensuring that each user has a clean device, free of stored data to use.

This streamlined workflow allows for IT teams to focus on upcoming projects, or really assist in critical break/fix programming when necessary. This also allows for users to easily know when a device is ready or not, and to feel confident that there will always be a device ready for use when they need it most.

2. What iOS devices will it work with?

This particular smart hub works with iOS and iPadsOS devices. This includes:

  • iPod
  • iPhone
  • iPad mini
  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air

There are four different sizes to match what devices you are looking to store, charge and provision. Some of the smart hubs are designed to only hold up to 6.5-inch screens (iPod / iPhone), while others are meant to hold up to 12.9-inch screens (up to iPad (all models)).

The smart hub does not support MacBook. If you would like MacBooks to be used, other charging carts, like the CUBE Cart® line, support these devices.

3. How does the smart hub transfer data automatically?

The smart hub is set up to house a host Mac mini inside of the solution. There is a special compartment that allows for the Mac mini to be hidden away and stored to take data from the devices automatically while they are plugged in.

This compartment can also be used to store a windows host to perform the same responsibilities as the Mac mini would.

4. What is APU?

APU stands for Apple Provisioning Utility; This is a mobile device automation program that assists It personnel in streamlining workflows and minimizing human error by automating device updates, data transfers, and facilitations of migrations to new MDM softwares.

With APU, or Apple Provisioning Utility, you can easily streamline your iOS deployment process of up to 100 devices, and minimize tier 1 tickets along the way, after deployment. When used with a Bretford PowerSync Pro Gen. 2 Smart Hub, it can streamlined, effective provisioning workflows.

Apple Provisioning Utility is a native macOS utility designed to automate large scale iOS device deployments. It is provided by Apple, Inc.

5. Does the smart hub work with GroundControl?

Yes, the smart hub does work with GroundControl. GroundControl and Apple Provisioning Utility works with masOS servers as well as Window servers and can be used together to provide the most amount of features to your workflow.

GroundControl features include:

  1. Touch Free to skip all set-up screens and deploy iOS devices efficiently and quickly
  2. Create workflows once, and deploy anywhere in the world
  3. Custom attributes to allow you to create placeholders in workflows
  4. No limit for the amount of devices, administrators, users, or workflows

6. How many devices can you sync at once with the smart hub?

Our smart hubs can sync up to 40 devices at once. Our hubs can either hold 10 or 20 devices each, and can be daisy-chained together to provide up to 40 devices provisioning opportunities from one Mac mini host.

Storing these devices in a secure space can be difficult with the open-concept layout, but there are carts available to store daisy-chained stations in a secure location. In these carts, you can fit up to three stations, or 60 devices total. The stations themselves are open-concept and do not lock the devices without the cart in place.

Store, charge, and provision your devices, today!

Provisioning can be a complex offering to decipher on your own. Find out which solution would best suit your needs by contacting a qualified sales representative today to guide you through the process. Call (800) 521-9614 to speak to a representative today, or check out the product page below for more detailed information.

Interested in more? Read “What Can Provisioning Do For You?: The Benefits of PowerSync Pro™” to learn more about the PowerSync Pro™ series.

Bretford PowerSync Pro Smart Hub, model for iPhone, and model for iPad

Charge, provision, and manage a shared pool of iOS or iPadOS devices. For organizations looking to manage a large pool of iPhone, iPad mini or iPad, the PowerSync Pro™ Smart Hub provides a best-in-class hardware experience for simplifying the management of these devices.

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