Efficiency Boost in Manufacturing Operations With Tech Innovations

Achieving peak manufacturing efficiency is not always easy as it demands several overhauls in your infrastructure. Besides your team’s capabilities and those of your components, you’ll also need solutions that keep your devices and technological assets ready for use and in peak operational condition.

This is where innovative tech components like smart charging solutions come in.

With charging solutions like our Charging Lockers and Adjustable Height Carts, your devices remain secure, charged, and operational, contributing to your optimization efforts.

Learn more about how your manufacturing facility can achieve maximum efficiency with our innovative charging solutions.

Device-Related Challenges Unique to the Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector is no stranger to device-related obstacles. These obstacles stand in the way of your operations optimization, hindering your achievement of manufacturing efficiency.

While various issues plague different facilities, yours may be vulnerable to the following:

Harsh Manufacturing Environments Affecting Device Health

Manufacturing facilities are often rife with particulate matter, including dust, metal shavings, and other debris. Such elements infiltrate electronic devices and can damage sensitive components and reduce their lifespan.

If that’s not enough, extreme temperatures commonly found in manufacturing environments can further exacerbate these challenges. As temperatures drop and peak, your electronics can be exposed to thermal stress that can affect their performance over time.

Outlet Limitations

The layouts of manufacturing floors are typically optimized for machinery and workflow efficiency. As a result, there’s usually limited space for electrical outlets.

With a plethora of equipment vying for power, finding suitable locations for charging stations can prove to be a logistical puzzle. The results of the lack of outlets are congestion and delays in charging devices that impact their availability for use on the factory floor.

Power Fluctuations in Manufacturing Facility Grids

Manufacturing equipment draws significant power from electrical grids in your facility and leads to fluctuations in voltage and current levels.

These fluctuations can compromise the integrity of charging processes, causing inefficiencies and potential damage to devices. Implementing surge protection and voltage regulation (which are some of the capabilities of our charging lockers) can mitigate the risks associated with power fluctuations to ensure consistent and reliable charging for devices.

Mobility and Accessibility

Manufacturing operations require workers to move swiftly across the facility — often from one workstation to another. As a result, mobile solutions for charging devices are essential to ensuring that workers can access charged devices wherever they are needed.

Implementing flexible charging solutions that accommodate this mobility is essential for maintaining productivity and efficiency. If you need an example of such a solution, check out our ergonomic and mobile Exterior Display Charging Cart for displays and monitors.

Security Concerns

Manufacturing facilities often have strict security protocols in place to protect proprietary information and assets. Unfortunately, these policies aren’t always conducive to device accessibility as certain areas may be restricted.

For this reason, you must strike a balance between security and convenience — and the ideal marriage of both is exactly what you get with solutions like our Charging Lockers and Adjustable Height Charging Carts.

Bretford Charging Solutions — Different Solutions for Each Problem in Operations Optimization

At Bretford, we offer an array of charging solutions that can take your manufacturing efficiency to the next level.

Choose from any one of our innovative tech solutions that can noticeably elevate your manufacturing facility’s operations optimization.

The TechGuard Charging Locker — Security, Accessibility, and Voltage Consistency in One Package

Our TechGuard Charging Lockers are some of the most efficient solutions for managing mobile devices in manufacturing facilities. These facilitate quick device swaps to reduce equipment downtime and enhance your team’s productivity.

With loaner device capabilities, our TechGuard Lockers enable users to access shared devices without waiting at circulation desks. Besides streamlining operations, this feature also optimizes staff accountability as each device loaned becomes an easily traceable asset.

Besides this, the TechGuard Locker’s minimum-contact design promotes safety and social distancing through self-service operations. The no-contact design isn’t just ideal for contamination control but also ensures convenient and secure device charging while adhering to your facility’s safety and device security protocols.

Explorer Display Cart — Reliable Display Charging and Ergonomics Par Excellence

The Explorer Display Cart is more than a charging solution for monitors and other display-type devices. As an ergonomic charging solution, it provides unmatched stability and mobility for transporting displays and equipment in various environments.

The Explorer Display Cart is also unrivaled in its flexibility as it offers customization options with accessories like cord brackets and device shelves. With various cords and attachments, it adapts to your facility’s diverse operational needs.

With onboard storage and cable management features, the cart promotes organization and cleanliness, enhancing efficiency during presentations or equipment deployment.

Adjustable Height Cart — Safely Charging Your Facility’s Devices On the Go

Sometimes, you’ll want to transport more than one device, which is where our Adjustable Height Carts come in.

These charging carts offer versatile solutions for transporting everything from handhelds to audiovisual equipment. Catering to diverse needs with various configurations available, our carts enable users to personalize them with organizational logos to align with branding preferences.

We at Bretford have also designed our Adjustable Height Carts to accommodate a wide range of audiovisual equipment, including cameras and projectors, enhancing flexibility in usage.

For extra security, certain models feature locking cabinets to prevent theft of valuable materials and equipment to provide you with peace of mind during transportation and storage.

Achieving Manufacturing Efficiency With Bretford

If you’re implementing some operations optimizations for your manufacturing facility, you’ll need to keep critical devices available, charged, secure, and mobile to adapt to your ever-growing needs.

Look no further for solutions that make device availability and mobility possible. At Bretford, we specialize in providing facilities like yours with the charging solutions necessary to streamline your operations.

Whether you need charging solutions that keep devices safe or racks that can move them from point A to point B, we have them all.

Contact us at Bretford today to get a free quote on all our charging solutions.

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