How Institutions Are Managing and Securing Shared Devices

Whether in healthcare, education, or manufacturing, shared mobile devices are pivotal to seamless operations and team productivity.

Due to the essential roles they fulfill, these assets require more than just timely maintenance and upkeep. As many devices are vulnerable to a growing list of threats, securing and managing them must take center stage. In fact, for many institutions, mobile device security is one of the first steps taken as learning shifts back to the classroom-based model.

If you’re an administrator or a facility manager in the educational sector, you’ll need to keep abreast with how today’s institutions are keeping their devices safe and ready for use.

Learn more about the different ways institutions are managing and securing shared devices and find out how we at Bretford can contribute to your institutional security.

Some of the Most Common Threats to Device Security in Educational Institutions

In colleges, universities, and even secondary school institutions, mobile device management and shared device security face a multitude of threats that often surface simultaneously. By knowing these threats, you’ll be a step closer to protecting your shared devices from damage, compromise, and theft.

In detail, here are some of the threats you need to keep an eye out for as you safeguard your institution’s devices.

Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized parties may attempt to gain access to your institution’s mobile devices. When they do, your institutional security can become compromised, potentially resulting in the loss of valuable school or student data.

Malware and Viruses

With unauthorized access and tampering comes the potential for viruses and malware. When unauthorized individuals gain access to your devices, they can infect them with viruses or malware that can lead to permanent data loss or a damaged IT infrastructure.

Data Theft and Privacy Breaches

Data theft and privacy breaches can occur if unauthorized individuals gain access to your institution’s mobile devices. As hackers breach your mobile device security, your confidential information can be compromised or tampered with, resulting in legal and reputational consequences for your institution.

Physical Security Risks

Shared devices located in public areas or classrooms are vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and physical damage. Without sufficient physical mobile device security measures, you’ll increase the likelihood of unauthorized access and compromise the integrity and availability of devices and data.

How Institutions Are Going About Their Mobile Device Management

Institutions from across the country are dealing with the threats mentioned above.

In response to these threats, the following institutional security measures for shared devices have emerged over the last few years.

User Authentication

Institutions typically require users to authenticate themselves before using shared devices. There are many ways personnel can authenticate their identities. Some of the most common ways involve passwords, PINs, biometric authentication (such as fingerprint or facial recognition), or smart cards.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based access control or RBAC allows institutions to define specific roles and permissions for different users or groups. With RBAC measures in place, access to devices becomes specific to certain personnel with designated functions.

Device Management Solutions

Device management solutions are broad in their scope. These range from device tracking software to cloud-based ledgers like the ones we have at Bretford.

There are many more, but, all in all, these solutions allow administrators to enforce security policies, deploy software updates, track device inventory, and remotely lock or wipe devices if they are lost or stolen.

Physical Security Measures

Ensuring physical security is perhaps the most critical part of mobile device management. Physical security measures prevent unauthorized access using locking systems and pin codes. At times, security cameras are also used for added surveillance and security.

Bretford’s Solutions for Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management is no easy feat for educational institutions. However, with Bretford, you get device security solutions that not only keep your devices safe from theft but also from malicious hardware. Our solutions are also excellent for keeping your mobile devices charged, giving you the peace of mind to know that your devices are always ready for use.

There are many device solutions worth a place in your institution, from our cloud-backed Charging Lockers to our robust Charging Towers.

However, two that are sure to meet all your institutional security needs are none other than our Link Cart and Core X Cart.

The Link Cart: Unrivaled Protection With an IT Twist

The Link Cart is a robust solution designed to ensure mobile device security in any educational setting.

The cart comes fully assembled and wired, ready for immediate use, minimizing setup time and ensuring prompt device deployment. With its capacity to hold up to 32 laptops in a front-loading configuration, the Link Cart is excellent at optimizing space while maintaining mobile device security.

As a bonus feature, the Link Cart is also network-ready and accommodates a 19-inch network switch for centralized management and IT updates. The inclusion of two built-in cooling fans prevents device overheating and ensures device functionality and longevity.

The Core X Cart: Physical Protection With Versatile Charging

If you’re looking for security coupled with charging options for any device, then the Core X Cart is the ideal charging and security solution for your institution.

Fully assembled, the Core X Cart facilitates immediate deployment and ensures efficient use of space with its 45-device capacity. Also among the features is Bretford’s innovative cord management system which organizes cables and reduces clutter, minimizing the risk of cable-related security issues.

The Core X Cart also includes an auxiliary outlet cord for additional power options and adapter storage for convenient access. For automated charging, the cart is equipped with a digital cycle timer that switches charging each shelf every ten minutes to ensure a secure charging process.

Security is ensured with the Core X Cart’s industrial-grade construction. The cart’s security design features locking casters and a 3-point locking door, complete with a programmable combination padlock that provides security against theft and unauthorized access.

Institutional Security Powered by Bretford

Mobile device management is critical to your institution’s streamlined operations and communications. Most importantly, by keeping your devices free from tampering, you’ll be proactively protecting your institution’s data and its reputation.

If you need solutions that supercharge your institutional security, look no further than Bretford.

At Bretford, we excel in providing mobile device solutions that keep your devices safe, secure, charged, and maintained.

Contact us today for a free quote.

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