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What Does "Bretford Delivers" Mean?

by Natalie Schlueter

Let’s face it, companies make false claims all of the time. We have ALL seen the “World’s Best Coffee” in multiple locations, right? Harmless claims like this are seen everywhere. What do we mean by harmless? Something that doesn’t directly affect the total customer experience.

When it becomes more important is when companies make promises that directly influence valued customers. We have been committed to promising quality products, designed and built in the USA, for over 70 years, and we are not about to stop now.

From Bretford’s inception, on Memorial Day, 1948, we have promised quality service, products and experiences. Fast-forward to 2021, and we have turned this promise into a delivery on not only a commitment to quality, but a commitment to follow through on our warranty, on our customer relationships, and on our exceptional lead times.

In this post we will walk through the four pillars of this promise to deliver to our customers.

Made on Demand

Bretford really does deliver. With our manufacturing and office space all located in Franklin Park, IL, we can deliver your charging or AV cart solutions to your door in no time.

We pride ourselves on providing minimal lead times to our customers so they can focus on what matters most without the added stress of not knowing when their charging solutions will come in.

With Bretford, you can rest assured your solutions will be delivered quickly, and efficiently. Bretford products come out of the warehouse, and get delivered to you without going overseas. This elimination of overseas travel cuts down on lead times by about 2x.

Made in the USA not only means good, durable products, but also quick delivery of purchases. Bretford is promised to deliver on quick lead times so you can focus your time elsewhere.

Quality Delivered to You

Made in the USA is no joke. When products are built and designed in the USA with USA-sourced steel, consumers can expect durability, security and protection for themselves and their devices.

Devices are costly, children need to stay safe, and expensive charging products need to last. This is why Bretford has decided, even in the 21st century, to manufacture and source most materials from the USA.

We choose to support our employees to help them make the best products with the best materials the USA has to offer, to ensure that, in the end, the Bretford customer wins.

USA quality provides the added reassurance that safety and security are a top priority in the build and design of Bretford charging carts. Stay safe. Be secure. Protect devices.

“Great company that makes great products, and all made in the USA.”

-Matthew G.

Warranty that Beats the Market

Bretford offers a 7-year “no-nonsense” warranty that covers electrical and mechanical issues. No-nonsense means there are no hidden fees, legal writings or loopholes.

If you have issues with your product, please contact our customer service team at +1 800-521-9614.

We know that when you combine the best materials and components from the United States with the best labor, you will get the best product. If this is not the case, we will do something about it, no questions asked.

Exceptional Customer Service

Bretford strives to deliver the best customer service in the market by providing employees with what they need to succeed so you can rest easy knowing we are here to support you.

Instead of speaking for ourselves, let’s let our customers speak:

“Customer service is the exact reason I always lead with Bretford”

-Andrew A.

“They are doing big things and take excellent care of their customers.” 

-Rob Y.

“I cannot recommend their customer service more highly.”

-Blue Whale Books, ABAA.

We know good customer service and are here to provide the support you need to enhance your MDM strategy as quickly as possible.

Let's Review

Bretford Delivers contains 4 pillars of achievement and promises Bretford has to it’s customers:

  1. Made on Demand: No worries of overseas shipping and handling and extended lead times. All products are made to order and will be delivered in the time that you need them.
  2. Quality Delivered to You: Made in the USA quality provides durability, security and safety for customers and their devices.
  3. Warranty that Beats the Market: 7 year “no-nonsense” warranty
  4. Exceptional Customer Service: Customer service that our customers love to speak on. We are here for you to provide support necessary to continue to enhance your MDM strategy.

Bretford Delivers is not only a promise, but a quality assurance for Bretford customers and employees to continue to strive to be the best in the marketplace.

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