Increase Productivity and Secure Shared Devices in Retail

Shared devices in retail like iPads, barcode scanners, and RFID readers serve as cornerstones of crucial processes like inventory. However, integrating these devices can present challenges — both logistically and in terms of staff attention.

For managers or store owners, there are numerous aspects of device management to consider, such as the necessity for storage and retail charging solutions. 

This is where charging stations come in. These stations enable store managers and staff to keep devices secure. Most importantly, charging stations like the ProCharge ProStation are key to keeping devices charged for use and ready to go. 

Using these retail charging solutions, managers and staff can finally operate uninterrupted and bolster their efficiency in in-store operations. 

Learn more about how charging stations are changing the game for the retail industry. Also, read on to the end to find out where to go if you wish to integrate retail charging solutions into your retail establishment. 

The Rise of Shared Devices in Retail

As technology develops by leaps and bounds, stores have quickly adopted mobile devices and portable scanners. These shared devices in retail have been pivotal in various tasks, optimizing staff productivity, streamlining inventory checking, and elevating customer service. 

Shared devices in retail can take many forms, and identifying them can enhance your device allocation and decision-making.

Here are some shared devices that are optimizing workflows for retail establishments everywhere: 

  • Mobile Point-of-Sale (MPoS) Systems: These portable devices enable sales staff to conduct transactions, check inventory, and assist customers anywhere within the store premises. 
  • Handheld Scanners and RFID Devices: Used for inventory management, these devices are vital for quick and accurate tracking of products. They streamline stock checks, inventory replenishment, and enable swift identification of items. These devices reduce errors and optimize stock levels.
  • Tablets and Smartphones: As some of the most widely adopted shared devices in retail establishments, these devices boast diverse functionality that makes them well-suited for various roles. However, frequent manipulation also renders these devices susceptible to losses in battery power, necessitating strategically located retail charging solutions.
  • Inventory Management Devices: These devices include barcode and QR scanners designed to sync product information into store-integrated software applications. Like tablets and smartphones, these devices are portable but require regular charging because of frequent use.

The Link Between Staff Productivity and Device Security

There’s a connection between the integration of shared devices and in-store productivity. 

The more seamless the integration, the more productive your staff becomes. Conversely, any failure to keep devices available and operational leads to problems that can render your staff and establishment inefficient. 

By being aware of the interdependencies between staff productivity and shared device management and adoption, you’ll identify the root causes of inefficiencies. 

Fragmented Charging Points and Staff Downtime

Having multiple charging points in various locations may seem like a practical solution to charging station availability. However, this solution can backfire, which is especially true if you have a small to medium-sized retail store. 

Fragmented locations cost more time and money to maintain and can result in traffic issues that can disrupt workflows. Instead of multiple charging stations scattered across an establishment, a superior option lies in fewer stations that can accommodate up to 20 devices. These charging stations give staff a single place to return and charge devices, eliminating downtime by keeping devices operational.

Most importantly, the singular location of such a station can improve traffic, reduce decision fatigue, lower maintenance costs, and reduce downtime. 

Security Issues and Monitored Access

Shared devices in retail are vulnerable to theft and unauthorized access. This vulnerability jeopardizes many aspects of your retail establishment, from data security to device availability. 

One way to prevent security threats like theft and unauthorized access is through monitored access to shared devices. Through single-location charging stations, you can closely monitor shared devices and protect them from being tampered with or stolen. 

The ease of monitoring goes a long way in keeping your shared devices available and operational. 

Charge Point Fragmentation and Staff Focus

Multiple places for charging can divert your staff’s focus. This won’t always lead to inefficiencies. However, when your staff has to locate multiple devices in different locations, precious seconds can be wasted. Also, keeping an eye on these devices can distract your staff from what matters most — working with customers. 

The above scenario will be unlikely with a charging station that accommodates multiple devices at once. Staff will know where to locate all devices, so they can attend to your customers and other store tasks with full focus. 

Productivity and Keeping Devices Charged

In retail, keeping devices charged is just as critical as keeping them safe. Here are some of the ways charging solutions can enhance productivity. 

Shared Device Operability and Stock Management Efficiency

Poor device availability can spell disaster for managing your store’s inventory. Poor device operability due to battery power loss increases inventory downtime and leads to inconsistent item tracking. 

This issue can be resolved with more robust retail charging solutions. Charging stations like the PureCharge Pro Station are an all-in-one solution that keeps handheld inventory tracking devices charged and ready for use. 

Charged Devices and Reductions in Staff Downtime

Another way charging stations supercharge productivity is by eliminating staff downtime. Charging stations can keep shared devices charged and ready for use whenever they’re needed. 

With charging stations like the PureCharge Pro™ Station, you’ll enhance staff efficiency and improve your store’s inventory tracking and management. Staff will no longer have to waste time and mental bandwidth by replacing discharged devices and locating charging stations in your retail establishment.    

The PureCharge ProStation: Your Charging and Security Solution for Your Shared Devices

Keeping your devices available and operational enhances your staff’s efficiency. To achieve optimum shared device management, you need retail charging solutions that keep your devices safe and charged. 

This is where the PureCharge Pro™ Station shines. The PureCharge Pro Station is a 20-port charging station capable of accommodating devices up to an inch wide. 

Fast-charging and compact, this charging station keeps your shared devices in one place, making location easy and hassle-free. The PureCharge Pro™ Station also boasts USB charging to accommodate your establishment’s shared USB-C-compatible retail devices 

Choose a retail charging solution that supercharges your devices and staff. Choose Bretford’s PureCharge Pro™ Station.

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