TAA Approved Charging Solutions Enhancing Federal Facilities

Federal facilities need products or equipment that can handle their operational demands while remaining compliant with existing regulations, such as the Trade Agreements Act (TAA). One aspect you shouldn’t ignore is your charging equipment, especially now that mobile devices have become essential for facility management and operations. TAA-approved charging solutions for government facilities provide an array of benefits that allow you to enhance productivity and make operations more efficient. 

How exactly can this equipment provide a competitive advantage for charging federal facilities? What examples of charging solutions can you start with? Bretford dives deeper into the topic to answer these questions. Keep reading to learn more.

About TAA: What Is It?

The Trade Agreements Act of 1979 of TAA is a law that restricts the type of goods and products U.S. government agencies can procure. Federal agencies and companies under a government contract can only buy items that are made or “substantially transformed” from countries that are party to certain trade agreements with the United States. These restrictions are made to ensure fair and open international trade with the United States. 

Benefits of Buying TAA-Approved Products

It’s legally required for all U.S. government facilities to procure products that are TAA compliant. Buying items that aren’t could lead to penalties and fines. Beyond legal adherence, purchasing TAA-approved products provides the following benefits.

Securing Government Contracts

Those who are under a government contract can get disqualified and lose opportunities to work for the government in the future if they don’t purchase TAA-compliant goods and services. If you’re a purchasing officer or procurement manager for a company that works with the government, you must only source items that adhere to this requirement. Otherwise, you could risk losing the contract and facing legal issues.

Customer Trust

Government facilities that adhere to legal requirements often gain public trust. Similarly, companies that work under government contracts can enhance their credibility by following regulations like the TAA. The U.S. government will be more likely to continue collaborating with these organizations, ensuring steady projects and revenue.

Helps With Risk Mitigation

Legal fees and reputation damage can stem from using products that do not adhere to requirements like TAA-approved products. These risks can be minimized or avoided altogether if facility managers or companies under government contracts use TAA-approved products from the get-go.

Provides Competitive Advantage

Having TAA-compliant products can help companies stand out during evaluations. This adherence shows commitment to government regulations and consideration for supporting equipment like charging stations and carts, even though these solutions may not directly be involved in a facility or agency’s main mandate.

Easy Procurement of Quality Products From a Global Network

TAA-approved products are easier to purchase than those that aren’t, allowing for shorter delivery times. In addition, there’s a higher confidence in product quality since there’s more transparency about the manufacturing process of this equipment.

Take Advantage of TAA-Approved Charging Equipment and Carts

From staff communication to emergency preparedness, mobile devices have an array of uses for federal or government facilities. Charging solutions help ensure that these phones, monitors, and other technologies remain operational. That way, facilities can maximize their use and make operations more streamlined. In other words, charging solutions like the ones we offer at Bretford help avoid device downtime and lack of portability.

Here are the top two items we recommend as charging solutions for government facilities. 

PowerSync+® Cart

The PowerSync+® Cart is a portable charging station dedicated to iPads and iPad minis. The product comes as a cube cart that can carry up to 40 devices, each with its own built-in charging port. With this device, your Apple products will remain charged and ready for use. Of course, the PowerSync+® Cart is TAA compliant, using U.S.-made steel for maximum durability and longevity.

  • User-Programmable Combination Lock: With this feature, you can ensure that no unauthorized individual can access the devices. 
  • Ready To Use: There’s no need to configure or set up anything except the combination lock. The entire unit comes ready to use upon shipping.
  • Eco-Friendly Charging: You’ll only need a single outlet to power the PowerSync+® Cart. In addition, each port charges the devices quickly and safely, reducing prolonged power consumption. 
  • Maximum Maneuverability: The PowerSync+® Cart has quality casters and build, allowing you to easily and safely move the charging station to areas accessible by facility employees or even customers.

Explorer™ Display Cart

Our Explorer™ Display Cart serves as a portable display station that can carry large monitors. While it’s not strictly a charging solution, this cart is ideal for device management. Federal facilities that need to transport huge screens for announcements, visitor entertainment, and other applications can take advantage of the Explorer™ Display Cart to easily bring monitors wherever demanded. Like the PowerSync+® Cart, this product is TAA compliant.

  • Carries Most Types of Monitors: The Explorer™ Display Cart lends itself to heavy-duty use, able to carry monitors of up to 200 lbs in weight.
  • Soft Wheels for Maximum Cushioning: Thanks to the soft tread locking wheels, this cart allows for smooth transportation of large yet delicate devices, even on rough surfaces.
  • Accessory Friendly: You can add speakers and other peripherals thanks to the included features of the Explorer™ Display Cart.

Final Thoughts: TAA-Approved Charging Solutions for Your Facilities 

Having TAA-compliant charging stations in government facilities helps you streamline operations. These devices also allow you to adhere to existing laws. Take advantage of Bretford’s charging carts and display stations to achieve these benefits, whether you’re a federal facility manager or a procurement officer for a company that works for the government.

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