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The Most Frequently Asked Questions: CUBE Transport®

CUBE Transport® to support mobile devices in the K-12 environment.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions: CUBE Transport®

by Natalie Schlueter

The traditional book truck is always a good solution for the K-12 school environment. It provides the basic necessity of transporting goods from one classroom to another without the hassle of multiple trips or lifting heavy items.

For years, the book truck has been a staple; however, the technology world has changed in the K-12 environment and traditional solutions don’t necessarily support this evolution anymore. Investing in the long term sustainability of 1:1 device deployments requires a re-examination of current technology being used.

The CUBE Transport® provides teachers and students alike the necessary help to efficiently manage devices throughout the day. Find out the top frequently asked questions by reading below.

1. What charger compatibility does the CUBE Transport® support?

The CUBE Transport® supports large chargers as well as large adapters with two outlet options. These outlet options include a vertical or horizontal configuration to support large chargers like the Samsung or new Apple adapters.

The plugs are centrally located, equidistant from the devices on the top and the devices on the bottom for easy access. The plugs are also located near Bretford’s cable management system, CableBoss™. This system easily guides power cords through a configuration to provide easy, seamless cord organization.

2. Can this cart be transported outside?

Yes, this cart can support semi-rugged terrain with industrial-grade, 5” wheels. The large wheels are meant to support bumps along the way to ensure that devices stay safe, and users get where they need to be, with no time wasted. This is one of the best transport solutions to be efficient and access devices quickly no matter the location.

Additionally, users can use extra hold support if there is worry of devices tipping off the cart in rugged areas. The CUBE Transport® supports bungee cords being wrapped around devices to stabilize them in transport.

Although these carts are meant for semi-rugged terrain, it is recommended not take the CUBE Transport® outside in inclement weather due to exposed cords and devices.

3. How can this cart be used to differentiate between departments?

Bretford offers 16 different color options to choose from. When deciding how these carts will be used, users should consider the value in color coding specific departments. For example:

  • Yellow = Early Childhood Wing
  • Red = Elementary Wing
  • Royal Blue = Intermediate Wing
  • Grass = Middle School Wing

Beyond department differentiation, colors can be used in a multitude of ways:

  • School Pride
  • Sections of Classroom Use
  • Colorful Hallways
  • Delineation of Movable Carts versus Permanent Carts in Classrooms

No matter how the colors are used by a K-12 school system, implementing them will allow for ease of use by color identification, causing little to no confusion and a seamless workflow for students and teachers.

4. Does the CUBE Transport® provide full rate charging?

Yes, the CUBE Transport® provides full rate charging to 30 devices at up to 45w per device.

What is full rate charging? Full rate charging is when a product provides simultaneous, maximum charging to each device in the cart. The devices are never left half full in the cart. With full rate charging, users can be sure that each device will be fully charged after a cycle of overnight charging.

5. Can devices be secured on the CUBE Transport®?

Devices cannot be secured. The CUBE Transport® is designed to be an open-concept charging cart made for ease and overall better usability. Here are three ways the CUBE Transport’s open design concept can assist users in their daily activities:

  1. Many classrooms are locked at night, therefore there is no need for additional security of devices.
  2. More security, like added doors, means limited access when needed. No doors means there is easy access to devices whenever necessary.
  3. With its small footprint, it is easy to tuck the transport in a secured closet, if needed. This small footprint also allows for the cart to be easily maneuvered.

6. Is the CUBE Transport® easy to maneuver?

Yes, this cart is easy to maneuver. At only 80 lbs., on 5” casters, it is one of our lightest and most maneuverable carts. This cart can easily be moved by all staff and most students, if necessary, and comes with locking wheels to provide safety while stationary.

With the sturdy design and build of this cart with USA materials, its large handles on either side, 5” locking casters, and light weight makes this cart ideal to maneuver for teachers and most students.

Ready to find yours?

Read below how the CUBE Transport® can help you and visit the transport page today!

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Keep Chromebooks, laptops and tablets charged and ready to go. The CUBE Transport® Cart offers the same trusted CUBE Cart® family quality in a new open, mobile design.

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