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Technology in Government Trends to Support

by Natalie Schlueter

Government facilities used for clerical work have experienced, in the last 20 years, an increase in technology used by their employees. This increase in technology has required more security than ever before, and has pushed facilities to meet employee expectations when it comes to their devices and the support their employer provides.

Additionally, many Department of Correction facilities are using new funding to enhance educational programs for inmates. A study published in the Journal of Correctional Education states that “using computers and other technology is becoming increasingly important in the field of correctional education.”

Technology is used in many different facets of the government environment, and having the proper solutions to support this technology use is important. Find out how charging carts, and lockers can support government technology and a device management strategy by reading below.

Government Technology in Front Desk Settings

All government facilities require screenings before entering into an office building. The increase in technology might mean that certain technological advances are not allowed in the office space for security and data protection. Where do these devices go when they cannot be in the building and employees have nowhere else to put the devices?

Charging lockers are a great way to provide individualized security for personal devices. These lockers can be accessed with personalized codes or potentially an RFID reader if there is a system already set up for individual codes for each employee.

Why would there need to be security for devices before entering the facility?

  1. Employee personal devices are not allowed inside of the building
  2. The building welcomes visitors often, but does not allow personal devices into the offices
  3. Employees need to charge devices in a secure space due to comfort level of device security in office
  4. Can act as a charging facility and secure storage area for front desk devices overnight

Personal device technology in government is something that has been increasingly important, and will continue to be important as new technology develops.

Government Technology for Data Management

Device usage in an office setting is an easy way to manage complex data and integrate platforms that can be used throughout the year for data management. Cloud technologies allow for complex data to be transferred and wiped off devices for future use if necessary through charging and provisioning solutions.

Charging trays like the PowerSync Pro Gen 2 Smart Hub allow for government organizations to process data on the cloud and wipe devices for future use. This provides data security as well as individualized experiences for employees or visitors.

Why would there need to be charging smart hubs in the government office environment?

  1. The digital transformation of the office space requires shared device usage with individualized experiences to perform jobs correctly
  2. Data security through departments is of the utmost importance and saving data is necessary for job function
  3. Chain of custody management is important to ensure security of devices and data

Provisioning solutions provide easy ways to protect data and simplify workflow with minimized tier 1 tickets for IT personnel, increased confidence in data security, and individualized experiences for each employee on a shared device.

Technology in Government: Department of Corrections

In 2013, the RAND Corporation released a study that presented data showing that with advanced training classes during sentences, college-aged people were 13 percent more likely to land a job upon being released. Those who were enrolled in classes across the board were 43 percent less likely to reoffend.

This is a significant number to consider moving forward. Educational programming is important in the DOC environment, but at what cost? Physical textbooks and other paper products used in traditional schooling are expensive assets to continue to invest in. Internet-based learning tools are an easy and low-cost way to provide these complex classes to inmates.

Technology trends in the government space are calling for enhanced learning. To enhance learning, but keep costs down, chromebooks, or other forms of tablets used for instructional use need to be invested in and supported through a device management strategy.

The cost of supporting these devices with break/fix programming and other types of services necessary can influence prisons even investing in internet-based learning experiences. There are ways to ensure that devices will be taken care of and protected with minimal IT support, easy usage, and minimal break/fix programming needed.

Investing in charging carts while providing these products and services to inmates is important. What solutions provide necessary protection of devices, while also ensuring easy access and limited resources necessary? Below are two carts that provide security, charging and syncing capabilities for enhanced learning experiences:

CORE® X Cart Pre-Wired: This cart, with a capacity of up to 36 devices has width adjustable slots to provide ample space for devices that are different sizes or have protective casing over the devices. This cart also features an auxiliary cord that threads up the cart to provide an additional 2A of power.

CUBE Cart® Pre-Wired: This solution is the most affordable charging solution in the Bretford catalog. With three different capacities to choose from (16, 32, 36), this cart can support any device fleet size.

Important features of these carts to provide increased efficiency and easy workflow in government technology:

Choose Color: Personalization of color and logo ensures and easy differentiation between departments, locations, or inmate group to provide device-specific learning

Industrial Grade Casters: 5” industrial grade casters on both of these carts allow for movement over semi-rugged terrain to navigate wherever necessary, inside or outside.

USA Made and Sourced Steel: All units are fully welded. Designed and built in the USA. This means that the protection of an all steel encasing will ensure device protection overnight and throughout the day when the devices are not in use.

Additional Security: Both carts use a programmable combination padlock to add an extra level of security to the storage of devices.

Pre-Wired: Save time, and money with pre-wired carts. With pre-wired, users save about 1 hour of important work per cart, allocating time setting up the carts to deploying devices.

Be Prepared for Device Deployment and Use

Device deployment in the government technology space can be daunting if the right steps are not taken to prepare. Call Bretford today at (800) 521-9614 to start the journey to streamlined data security, personalized security for devices, and enhanced inmate educational experiences.

CUBE Cart Pre Wired side BP

Save time and let Bretford wire your CUBE Cart® with USB-C power adapters so the cables are perfectly organized and ready to deploy out of the box!

Bretford TechGuard Connect 10 Bay charging locker in platinum color side view

Mobile device locker that combines charging in every bay with keyless access control. All centrally managed from the cloud with Bretford Connect®.

CORE X Cart Pre Wired BP

Save time and let Bretford pre-wire your cart! This cart features adjustable dividers and a 3-point locking system for ultimate security and adaptability. 

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