Device caddies can provide the best quality protection for students and devices in a classroom.

How to Protect Devices and Ensure Student Safety in the Classroom

by Natalie Schlueter

1:1 devices in the classroom has become the new normal for the 2021-22 school year. A recent study suggests that 59% of teachers say that they have at least one device per student in their classroom. This is up 9% from a 2017 survey that asked teachers what their 1:1 device ratio was.

When equating these numbers to the amount of school children in the United States with their own classroom device, this number equals around 33.28 billion children. This is a huge number of students that need to have their own device available and ready-to-go throughout the day.

Not only do student devices have to be charged for the day ahead of them, students also have to protect their devices to ensure that they do not break them or damage them in any way that affects their learning.

This can be a strenuous task for younger students who might not know how to properly manage their own classroom device and might need some more assistance. Device caddies can provide added support to protect devices in transport from charging cart or area to student desk space.

How can students remain safe and devices be protected in a new age of digital learning? Find out below.

Device Protection: Caddy

Device breakage is a common concern when discussing device usability with IT managers or directors. Children managing their own devices in the classroom can lead to more broken devices than before, and can be associated with costly repair bills throughout the year for the district.

Protecting devices is of the utmost importance when considering student device usage and management. Device carrying solutions are a great way to ensure that devices are protected and safely make their way to desks from charging solutions, or across buildings or classrooms whenever movement is necessary.

The Bretford Caddy provides ultimate protection for devices. How does the device caddy provide protection to devices?

Padded Slots: Full-length padded dividers provide protection for each device by preventing contact with other devices, and softening collision

Fits Devices with Cases: 1.25 in. flexible dividers allow for standard, heavy-duty hard cases typically used in the K-12 environment to be added to the Caddy with ease

Easy to Clean: Let the Caddy protect your investment with a hydrophobic exterior coating to repel liquid and dirt

Spill-Proof: an ergonomic handle design to provide protection by ensuring devices do not fall out of the caddy in transport

Collaboration: Bretford partnered with Higher Ground®, industry leaders in classroom technology protection, to provide the highest-quality technology basket you can find

Device Transportation

Charging carts are a great solution to ensure that devices are charged and ready-to-go throughout the day, but what is not discussed often is how these devices are going to be transported from the cart to the student desks. 

Devices can be heavy, clunky, and hard to carry for children. These devices can often be dropped or mishandled, leading to costly damage. Our CUBE Transport® Cart with Caddies can safely store, charge and quickly distribute up to 30 devices. Students can transport up to 5 devices to their desks with a device Caddy.

Using a the Bretford Caddy with a spill-proof design and heavily padded interiors creates a safe way for devices to fall if dropped in the Caddy.

Student Safety

Charging carts can be beneficial when used properly, but there can be some major risks to young students when in close contact with a durable, all-steel solution. There can be many pinch-points with heavy equipment that could cause a safety hazard.

Bretford takes student safety to heart and has designed a CUBE Toploader® Cart with Caddies to provide the best safety to students. Protecting students while they find their devices is most important in a classroom environment and utilizing a cart that was made with the student in mind is the best way to protect them.

The CUBE Toploader® Cart with Caddies provides some of the best safety features:

Soft-Close Lid: designed and produced with gas struts to safely open and close the cart with students nearby

Rounded Corners: Rounded top corners of the cart provide extra safety for small children when near or around the cart

Single Entry, Single Lid: With a single, wide entry point and a single door that opens up and down, not only are you saving space in the classroom with the smallest footprint door, but also providing students the space they need to crowd the cart without being in harm’s way of pinch-points

Toploader w Caddy GiF 2

Quickly and safely deploy devices in the classroom with the CUBE Toploader™ Cart with Caddies. Keep Chromebooks, laptops and tablets, up to 13 in., charged and ready to go. This solution comes with 6 caddies to support up to 30 devices.

Caddy and transport 1500x1324 1

Charge, store, and quickly distribute up to 30 devices with the CUBE Transport® Cart with caddies. This solution comes with 6 caddies and supports Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets up to 13 in.

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