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Top 5 Most Unwrapped Bretford Charging Solutions of 2022

by Bretford

2022 has been a successful year for Bretford Manufacturing. As a leading provider of charging solutions, we’ve continued to develop products that enhance the learning and working experiences of our end users. As the K-12 classroom and device needs have changed, so have the charging solutions.

Top 5 Most Unwrapped Bretford Charging Solutions of 2022

  1. CUBE Tower
  2. CUBE Tower Pre-Wired
  3. CUBE Cart® Pre-Wired
  4. CUBE Micro Station®
  5. PureCharge Station®

As schools have gone One-to-One devices in the classroom, students are using their device to learn from throughout the day and the need for active charging has increased.  To solve that problem, Bretford launched the CUBE Tower™ this year. This innovative solution has 8 AC outlets with a 20 foot power cord to reach everywhere in the classroom. Bretford’s CUBE Tower™ is the simplest way to bring 8 AC outlets to the student desks. Just glide the tower to the desks, nest the tower between the desks and have students plug in their devices.

Another popular product that is in the charging tower family has been the CUBE Tower™ Pre-Wired. This version of the CUBE Tower comes pre-wired with eight 65W USB-C power adapters secured to the unit so students don’t have to worry about bringing their own charger. With 5ft of cord length off the unit, it is a perfect solution to support a group of students and reach all devices.

Sometimes the most traditional charging cart option can be the best solution! Our CUBE Cart® made its pre-wired debut a while ago and has since then served many companies and schools for the better. This cart is good for organizations who know what already works best for them but want an upgrade to save time and money. The traditional CUBE Cart® comes Pre-Wired with up to 36 USB-C power adapters ready to go out of the box. 

The CUBE Micro Station® has also been a hit with end users this year. This charging station allows users to charge up to 16 devices at once. Bretford’s CUBE Micro Station® 10 & 16 compact charging and storage solution is perfect for smaller spaces and offers the versatility to wall mount the devices. This is a great way to ensure each student has a working device during school hours.

Finally, our PureCharge Station® has continued to be a top seller. This sleek and stylish charging solution allows users to charge up to 20 devices at once, and is designed specifically for iPads. Each station arrives ready-to-go with pre-installed Lightning cables.

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