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Students never miss out on learning time with Bretford’s CUBE Tower™ Pre-Wired.

LOCATION Jacksonville, FL


Duval County Public Schools moved to a 1:1 take home model with their devices.  Students are responsible to charging their devices at home overnight and bring them to school to use all day. What they found was that about 30% of students come to school without a fully charged device and that caused some students to miss out on learning when they ran out of power. Duval County Public Schools Chief Information Officer, Jim Culbert, came to Bretford with their problem. “We need a solution to charge student devices during the day with the USB-C power adapters permanently attached and secure to the unit so students do not have to bring their chargers to school. It needs to provide for a group of students and be flexible enough to work with our different classroom set ups.”  Bretford offered solutions for active charging but not with USB-C power adapters that stayed with the unit.


Based on the consumer requirements, and working closely with Duval County Public Schools, Bretford created the CUBE Tower™ Pre-Wired to deliver active charging with USB-C chargers. The CUBE Tower™ Pre-Wired has (8) 65W Power Adapters with 5ft of cord length from the unit to reach and power a group of students. The power adapters are secured to the unit so there are always chargers available to students and can be services through the access panel on the CUBE Tower™. The CUBE Tower™ Pre-Wired also comes with a 20 foot power cord to reach everywhere in the classroom and a Beacon indicator light to show the unit is on and ready to charge devices. Duval County Public Schools has deployed one unit into each classroom in the district where they are being used between an island of desks and rolled out to student’s desks as needed. 

CUBE Tower™ Pre-Wired

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