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3 Steps to Acheive a Higher ROI on Electronic Devices

by Natalie Schlueter

Technology is everywhere. In the classroom, on the sales floor, in the office, and anywhere else where people work. Our devices power our daily lives and our work lives; without these devices, we would probably not be able to do the work we need to do. Organizations are seeing an increase in devices that need to be managed as the 1:1 ratio of device to user increases. With this increase in devices and use-ability, there comes an increase for potential damage or risk to the devices being used and therefore, a financial risk to the company.

It is no secret that as devices become more powerful with new technology integrated into them, they also become more expensive. Organizations already have to jump through some financial hoops to get the devices they need. Mismanagement of devices can lead to even more financial struggles, and make IT departments want to give up the new technology all together. Having a plan in place for how to manage devices on a large scale will give you peace of mind knowing that the investment in powerful, new devices will last.

Here are some simple steps to follow to increase ROI on the technology that you purchase to ensure longevity:

1. Plan how many devices will be ordered, and approximately how many will need to be charged and managed throughout the day.

What good is technology if the users cannot use it? Ensuring that all devices have a place to charge throughout the day, away from high danger places like the ground of uneven surfaces. Sometimes it is hard to manage all devices that either students or employees have. Trusting your employees or students with devices can be hard to do when the cost per device is extremely high.

John Paul II High School in Plano, TX found a solution to manage this problem and ensure that both students and administration felt that the devices would be secure, safe, and charged for everyone’s convenience, ensuring a high ROI on their electronic devices. As a campus that had a bring your own device policy in place as well as a plan to have the school purchase 2,000 rotating devices for a 1:1 device to student ratio, it was necessary that they have a place to not only safely charge devices throughout the day, but also a place for contact-free exchange of devices from IT to student. They chose to utilize the workings of the TechGuard Connect® Charging Locker to manage student devices.

Studies show that technology tends to break when kids use them. In fact, 3 out of 10 teenagers have broken their devices in the last 18 months, especially in schools. This can be reduced if a solution like the TechGuard Connect® is implemented. If each device has a place to safely charge you can decrease the chances of damage to devices.

If you are planning on having a 1:1 ratio with an active environment like a school or a busy company with many users on their feet for hours at a time, or consistently changing locations, it is important to consider how those devices will support the users throughout the day. If it is important to have these devices charged per user, then a charging solution like the TechGuard Connect® will alleviate the unknown stress of damage to a device from being left in a danger zone area, or the concern that devices will not be charged when they need to be.

2. Find a solution that will accommodate the plan for devices, and make sure the solution chosen is more than sufficient.

There is nothing worse than receiving a whole shipment of brand new devices that will be used to increase productivity and efficiency and then have no idea how to organize them. Where do you put the multitude of cords? What if there aren’t enough plugs on the wall to charge all of the devices? Where do you leave devices to charge at the end of the day?

If there is no storage and charge plan in place, it will feel like square one again when those devices come in. Ensuring that there is a right place for the devices to live will provide a way for you to keep track of employee use, and will keep your devices safe and secure for a long use period.

One major retailer noticed that they were experiencing frustration when devices were not put away in the right spot at the end of the night and therefore were not charged or updated for the next shifts in the morning. Implementing the PowerSync Pro™ solution reduced the IT Desk Help Calls by an average of 25.5 hours per week, per store, saving approx. $980 in weekly labor costs. With over 3,700 stores throughout the country, the retailer saw an ROI of $3.6 million per week in saved labor costs.

Reducing support by having a solution to properly update and provision solutions may be in the cards for your necessary need. Make sure to choose a solution that is more than sufficient to ensure that you will have all necessary security, charging, and provisioning abilities for your needs.

While you get your plan together, keep these three things in mind:

  1. The amount of devices you will be deploying
  2. The environment that the devices will be deployed in
  3. What solutions you will need to ensure the longevity of your devices

3. Call an expert to help with increasing your ROI on electronic devices!

When it comes to technology efficiency, Bretford has the most innovative solutions with the problem areas in mind. Let an experienced sales representative take this workload off your to-do list, and feel confident in the solution you choose to increase your ROI on technology devices. We offer solutions, sizes and budget friendly options that can seamlessly fit your unique needs. Rest assured that your technology investment will be all that you want it to be with the help of a Bretford solution.

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