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Charging Lockers

Device Accountability Starts Here

Our Charging Lockers are Made in the USA to fit your exact needs and specifications. Choose your colors, choose your options, and choose peace of mind. Choose Bretford.

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Manage, Distribute, And Track Your Laptops, Tablets, Work Scanners, And More

Our charging lockers provide enterprise-grade portable device management and security that simplifies the charging, maintenance, loaning and distribution of valuable physical assets across your organization. Get devices in users hands where they belong, quickly and safely.

Bretford Charging Locker Blueprint

Assigned devices

Every user is assigned a specific locker bay that they can use to store and charge their device.

Check-in / check-out

Users can use the locker to check-out a shared device.

Shared Access

Users can find any available bay to store and charge their device.

About TechGuard Connect®

TechGuard Connect® enables all methods of device sharing with full audit capability, advanced access controls, and real-time chain-of-custody logging.

Increase the lifespan and return on investment of shared portable devices, while increasing productivity and end-user accountability.

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Bretford TechGuard Connect UI admin panel

The security you need, the insights you deserve,
delivered faster than you expect

Secure out of the box

TechGuard Connect® offers Enterprise-grade security with a custom Bretford-designed embedded system that includes a special crypto-authentication chip so you can rest easy knowing all your scanners, mobile phones, and other handheld devices are safe.

Integrate Instantly

TechGuard Connect® is ready to use straight out of the box. Our built-in ACL and MDM integrations support LDAP, Azure AD, google Workspace, and JumpCloud, and our Connect APIs support endless integrations and configurations for any environment. 

Answers at your fingertips

Get complete insight into device usage, by user, device type, building, location, and more — our single pane of glass provides the logging, metrics, and analytics to support complex auditing, reporting, and compliance needs.

Let us show you what you're missing

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Managing, Distributing, and Tracking Your Shared Devices Can Be Expensive.

Improve Shared Device ROI with TechGuard Connect® Lockers

Reduce costs, reduce maintenance, and improve device lifespan

What are the major costs associated with managing, distributing, and tracking your shared devices?

  • Maintenance: Repair and replacement of shared devices are commonplace
  • Time: Employee time is expensive, and ad hoc device management systems waste a lot of time

Let's see how this all adds up by taking a look at a typical warehouse scenario.

Bretford has been designing and manufacturing leading technology products for over 75 years

We’ve been designing and building high tech products made of high quality materials for the biggest names in industry and education since 1948. We still make everything in Franklin Park, Illinois, where it all started, and we mean everything – even our own shipping boxes.

Bretford factory in Franklin Park, Illinois, in black and white

Trusted for Decades

We’ve been lucky to call some of the world’s best brands our customers since 1948

Service you can trust

Techguard Connect® Charging Lockers come with our full 7 year warranty, are supported by our amazing staff of US-Based customer service representatives, and cost about a third less than what you’ll pay from competing asset locker solutions.

Front of the Bretford Manufacturing, Inc building, in Franklin Park, Illinois

Customizable Charging Lockers

Our lockers are fully customizable to spec, built in-house, and are made to order. Choose from generous power and networking options, pick your color, add your logo, and even work with our software development team to ensure seamless integration into your organization’s infrastructure.

Side view of some Bretford charging lockers in different colors, including orchid, grass, mustard, and more

Your Shared Work Scanners, Chromebooks, And Other Handheld Devices Deserve A Secure Home

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TechGuard Connect® 5 Bay Charging Lockers

TechGuard Connect Charging Locker in Topaz color, side view

Chromebooks, Laptops, Tablets, Scanners

5 in. LCD Touch Screen



20.5 x 17 x 66.5 in.

12.25 x 15.9 x 7.7 in.

125 lbs.

Up to 17.3 in.


TechGuard Connect® 10 Bay Charging Lockers

TechGuard Connect Charging Locker in Orchid color, side view

Chromebooks, Laptops, Tablets

5 in. LCD Touch Screen


20.5 x 17 x 65.5 in.

12.25 x 15.9 x 3.6 in.

125 lbs.

Up to 17.3 in.


Available Connection Options

TechGuard Connect® Lockers come with optional cables (with retention bracket) based on selected power and network.

Power / Network

AC (In Bay Outlets)
AC (Secure Outlets)
USB-A Charging (Up to 2.4A)
USB-A Charge & Sync (Up to 2.4a)
Ethernet (In Bay)

Other Options

Lightning Cable*
Micro-USB Cable*
USB-C Cable*

MODEL TCL5US100EF Personalize TCL5US150EF Personalize TCL5US160EF Personalize TCL5US170EF Personalize TCL5US190EF Personalize TCLAUS100EF Personalize TCLAUS150EF Personalize TCLAUS160EF Personalize TCLAUS170EF Personalize TCLAUS190EF Personalize
Storage Capacity 5 Locker Bays 5 Locker Bays 5 Locker Bays 5 Locker Bays 5 Locker Bays 10 Locker Bays 10 Locker Bays 10 Locker Bays 10 Locker Bays 10 Locker Bays
AC (in bay) 1 outlet per bay 2 outlets per bay 1 outlet per bay 1 outlet per bay 1 outlet per bay 1 outlet per bay 1 outlet per bay 1 outlet per bay 1 outlet per bay 1 outlet per bay
AC (secure) - 2 outlets per bay - - - - 1 outlet per bay - - -
USB (charge) - - 4 ports per bay - - - - 2 ports per bay - -
USB (charge & sync) - - - - 1 port per bay - - - - 1 port per bay
Ethernet - - - 1 port per bay - - - - 1 port per bay -

TechGuard Connect Videos

Learn More About Our Laptop Charging Lockers

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No-Contact Device Swap Use Case in Education

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No-Contact Device Swap with Bretford Connect

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Check-in / Check-out Mode Using Bretford Connect

Charging Locker Success Stories

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Charging Lockers For Laptops, Tablets & Chromebooks

Learn more about our TechGuard Connect charging lockers.

A charging locker is a secure storage unit equipped with electrical outlets or USB ports that allows individuals to safely charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, work scanners, and other handheld devices while stored in the locker.

This type of charging solution can be implemented in many industries, and organizations including schools, banks, and businesses.

Bretford laptop charging lockers are very easy to install and operate. Our lockers have three different modes that you can use depending on your specific needs.


  • Assigned mode: In this mode, users must be assigned to a specific locker bay. Users can use either an RFID or PIN authentication to access their locker bay.
  • Shared mode: Allows users to temporarily select any available locker for one-time use.
  • Check-In, Check-Out (CICO) Mode: Allows admins to assign Assets into specific locker bays, allowing for self-service loaning of devices to certain users.

You can learn more about how these modes work by visiting the resources section of the locker you are interested in, by checking our YouTube profile, or by calling us at 1 800 521 9614.

TechGuard is simply Bretford's line of charging locker solutions. 

Our TechGuard Connect lockers work together with our cloud-based portal, allowing for efficient and reliable management of users interacting with the lockers.

Our lockers offer several advantages that make them an excellent choice for secure mobile device storage.


  • Keyless access for greater convenience and to reduce the risk of key loss
  • Built using high-quality USA-sourced steel for durability and longevity
  • Made in the USA, which guarantees compliance with strict quality standards
  • 7-year electrical and mechanical warranty
  • Customizable hardware configurations
  • We offer you the possibility to choose from 16 colors and add your own logo
  • Each locker offers ample space for adding network routers
  • We provide a cloud-based platform for easy and efficient user management
  • Several access modes to accommodate different needs

We have lockers of up to 10 bays and 5 bays. If you want to charge more devices at the same time, check out our charging stations, or charging carts.

All our products are UL 60950-1 certified, which guarantees the highest security standards in the industry.


In addition, depending on how the locker is configured, the user can only have access via RFID or PIN authentication to prevent theft of mobile devices stored in the chromebook charging lockers.

Our tablet charging lockers come fully assembled so you can focus on what matters most to your organization instead of worrying about assembling a complex product.

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