Secure, Centralized Locker Management.

Introducing TechGuard Connect®. The smart, connected charging locker featuring Bretford Connect®, our cloud-based portal with real-time locker management.

Why TechGuard Connect?

The cloud-based system allows for
remote locker management from

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Secure keyless access for 1:1 or
BYOD deployments. Manage devices
quickly, safely and securely.

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Future-proof system allows for
software to be continually updated
with the latest features.

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In Healthcare

TechGuard Connect supports healthcare facilities by addressing key risks of data loss with hospital managed devices. IT administrators are able to monitor when devices are checked out and what staff member checks them out.

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Manage From Anywhere

With TechGuard Connect, your organization gains access to Bretford Connect®, our cloud-based, centralized management portal so you are able to stay connected to your entire fleet of lockers, at all times, from anywhere.

Easily Manage
Lockers and Users

In organizations, large and small, user identity and access management (IAM) is a daily challenge.

With Bretford Connect, managing users and monitoring access to individual TechGuard Connect locker bays has never been easier.

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The Dashboard provides quick access to lockers and users.

Manage Everything.

A lost RFID badge. A forgotten access code in a large, multi-site installation. These situations occur.

As an administrator, being able to log into Bretford Connect from any laptop, tablet or mobile phone helps makes overcoming these moments easier.

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Safe and Secure

Secure, keyless access for every deployment from 1:1 to BYOD.

With TechGuard Connect your team can leverage the proven security of RFID to secure each bay and your devices. Combined with Bretford Connect, managing secure access to individual bays and stored devices has never been easier.

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Stay Up-To-Date

Focus On Today. We'll Plan For Tomorrow.

Bretford Connect access gets you the latest software features and security updates to the platform from Bretford as soon as they become available. You'll also gain access to new over-the-air updates for your TechGuard Connect hardware.

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Product Configurations & Pricing

TechGuard Connect lockers come in 8 configurations and are offered in 16 vibrant colors.
Use the tools below to find the perfect TechGuard Connect configuration for your deployment needs.

Configuration Options

Choose your desired configuration options to see model and pricing details. Full functionality of a TechGuard Connect Locker also requires a Bretford Connect license.

Access Method

  • RFID 1
  • RFID/Keypad Combo

Charging System

  • AC
  • USB 2

Network Connectivity3

  • Wi-Fi 4
  • Ethernet 5

1: Supports MIFARE Classic (cards not included) with additional options available through Bretford Custom Solutions.
2: Supports up to 2.4A.
3: Locker-to-Cloud connection requires DHCP and custom port security.
4: Supports 802.11 a/b/g/n capable wireless networks using WEP/WPA/WPA2 Personal security.
5: Supports CAT5 Ethernet or higher (cables not included).

  • TCL10
  • R
  • AC
  • E
  • F
  • $3,538

A Touch of Color

TechGuard Connect® is available in 16 colors. Use this color picker to find the perfect color for your locker.

Currently Viewing


Code: PM Finish: Metallic

Standard Colors
Optional Colors

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