TechGuard Connect®

Simplify your technology deployments with TechGuard Connect. The secure charging locker, with the power of smart, cloud-based management.

Why TechGuard Connect Lockers?

Easy. Smart. Flexible. Power.

TechGuard Connect Lockers support device charging while providing access from anywhere, to real time data for users, lockers, and devices through smart, cloud-based management.

Ease of Use. Access, power and secure devices through our simple touch screen and code technology. With a swipe of your badge easily access locker bays and stored devices.

Manage devices. The power of our smart, cloud-based management reduces time spent managing devices, increases visibility and provides real time device security information.

Flexibility. Shared devices and multiple modes provide ability to set the perfect device charging configuration to match your 1:1, BYOD or device loan program needs.


Manage Everything. Remotely.

A lost RFID badge. A forgotten access code in a large, multi-site installation...These situations occur and being able to log into a mobile device to overcome these challenges is a must.

With TechGuard Connect, your organization gains access to Bretford Connect®, our cloud-based, centralized management portal so you are able to stay connected to your entire fleet of lockers, at all times, from anywhere.


Bretford Connect User Management

Manage locker users and monitor their access to individual TechGuard Connect Locker bays and assets using convenient log reports.


Bretford Connect Locker Management

Configure your TechGuard Connect Locker, check connectivity and, open any bay remotely from anywhere in the world in real time.


Bretford Connect Asset Management

New Add assets, assign them to TechGuard Connect Locker bays and monitor your organization's device loan program from afar.

* Feature unique to hardware with LCD display, running in Check-In/Check-Out mode.

Bretford Connect Operational Modes


One Locker. Three Unique Modes.

With Bretford Connect, you can assign one of three operational modes* to each of your TechGuard Connect Lockers. Set the corresponding mode to provide the correct mobile device charging and secure storage needs to match your deployment.


New Turn TechGuard Connect into a self-service kiosk and allow users to check-out available devices on a loaner-basis.

Using RFID cards users check-out a device, use it for a set period of time, then check it back in, providing accountability and traceability. First-in, first-out functionality ensures that the device with the highest battery level is distributed first.


New Provide fast and convenient mobile device charging in public areas by taking advantage of shared mode.

In shared mode, devices are placed in any empty bay using RFID or PIN access and are securely charged. To retrieve the device, the user swipes their RFID or re-enters their PIN and the bay becomes available for the next user.


Assign a specific bay to a specific user. Users return to the same locker, every time through RFID or PIN access.

Allow your IT help desk to repair devices and place them in available bays, making them available to a specific user on a “will call” basis, or assign locker bays, much like traditional lockers, to individual users.

* CICO and Shared Modes require hardware with LCD display.


Two Options. One Easy Choice.

In addition to an all-steel chassis and security-grade, clear-view polycarbonate window on each bay, TechGuard Connect Lockers let you choose between RFID or PIN* authentication to secure devices within your organization.

No matter which authentication mode you choose, exportable log reports provide visibility into each locker, user and asset. Managing secure access to individual bays and stored devices has never been easier.



Allows you to leverage your RFID infrastructure to provide secure, contactless access to each bay and devices.


PIN Mode*

Allows you or locker users to set a personalized four to ten digit* passcode using the digital keypad.

* Authentication method requires hardware with LCD display and keypad. PIN length controlled by setting in Bretford Connect.

In Healthcare

TechGuard Connect supports healthcare facilities by addressing key risks of data loss with hospital managed devices. IT administrators are able to monitor when devices are checked out and what staff member checks them out.

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Focus On Today. Plan For Tomorrow.

Bretford Connect access gets you the latest software features and security updates to the platform from Bretford as soon as they become available.

You also gain access to new over-the-air firmware updates for your TechGuard Connect hardware which you can schedule and apply remotely.

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Models, Pricing & Specifications

Model Description MSRP
TCLAKS100EF11 10-Bay Locker, MIFARE Classic RFID, Keypad, 480x800 LCD Display, AC Charging, Ethernet, Side Panels $4,422.00
TCLAKS200EF11 10-Bay Locker, MIFARE Classic RFID, Keypad, 480x800 LCD Display, USB-A Charging, Ethernet, Side Panels $4,865.00
TCLAR0100EF11 10-Bay Locker, MiFARE Classic RFID, AC Charging, Ethernet, Side Panels $3,538.00
TCLAR0200EF11 10-Bay Locker, MiFARE Classic RFID, USB-A Charging, Ethernet, Side Panels $3,891.00


TechGuard Connect Locker
TechGuard Connect Locker



Storage Capacity

10 devices

10 devices


120V AC, 12A, 50/60Hz

120V AC, 12A, 50/60Hz

Network Connection 1

Ethernet 2

Ethernet 2

Device Charging



LCD Screen

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 125 lb / 56.7 kg (without devices)

Locker Dimensions (WxDxH):
20.5" x 17" x 65.5"
(52.1 cm x 43.2 cm x 166.4 cm)

Bay Dimensions (WxDxH):
12.25" x 15.9" x 3.6"
(31.1 cm x 40.4 cm x 9.1 cm)

Weight: 125 lb / 56.7 kg (without devices)

Locker Dimensions (WxDxH):
20.5" x 17" x 65.5"
(52.1 cm x 43.2 cm x 166.4 cm)

Bay Dimensions (WxDxH):
12.25" x 15.9" x 3.6"
(31.1 cm x 40.4 cm x 9.1 cm)

Operating Modes 3


Check-In / Check-Out

Authentication Types 4 6


PIN 7 8

  1. Network Connection - Locker-to-Cloud connection requires DHCP and setup of TCP/UDP port security.
  2. Ethernet - Supports CAT5 or higher (cables not included).
  3. Operating Modes- Operation mode specified via Bretford Connect.
  4. Authentication Types - Authentication type specified via Bretford Connect. Options available specific to hardware configuration.
  5. RFID Support - Model supports MIFARE Classic frequencies (cards not included).
  6. Additional Authentication Types - HID Prox, HID iClass and other RFID options are available through Bretford Custom Solutions.
  7. PIN Mode Availability - Assigned & Shared mode only.
  8. PIN Mode Configuration - Length is customizable via Bretford Connect.

In the continued pursuit of providing safety, quality and consistency in manufacturing, the entire Store and Charge line-up is certified to UL 60950-1 and manufactured in the U.S.

A Touch of Color

TechGuard Connect® is available in 16 colors. Use this color picker to find the perfect color for your locker.

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Code: PM Finish: Metallic

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