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Managing My Lockers

From Lockers, you will be able to assign Locker Users to individual bays, open bays remotely, check on the status of any stack and when necessary, completely disable all access to a locker bay.

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My Lockers

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Each locker within your organization will appear here giving your a high-level overview of each locker stack. You can see if lockers are Online and In-Sync with the Bretford Connect portal as well as their current operating mode.

  1. Operating Mode: Shared, Assigned and CICO (Check-In / Check-Out)
  2. Online Status: The status of the locker’s network connection with Bretford Connect. Will be either Online or Offline.
  3. Sync Status: Assigned Mode Only. The current state of the list of assigned locker users between the locker and the Bretford Connect cloud. Will be either In-Sync or Not In-Sync.
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NOTE: Locker visibility for individual admin users is limited by their User Role. If you aren’t seeing a particular stack or organizational unit, have the Tenant Root Admin review your permissions.

Adding A New Locker

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To add a new locker to your organization:

  1. Locate the UUID and Activation Key on your TechGuard Connect Locker gateway. The gateway is located in the lower locked cabinet of the locker.
  2. Select an Organizational Unit
  3. Enter the Device UUID from the sticker
  4. Enter the device Activation Key from the sticker

NOTE: If you have a barcode scanner, you can use it to scan the UUID and Activation Key to quickly enter each into their respective fields.

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Operating Modes

TechGuard Connect Lockers operate in one of three modes:

  • Assigned: Specific locker bays are assigned to specific users to store and charge their device(s). User returns to the same bay every time.
  • Shared: User can walk up and take any available bay to store and charge. After retrieving their device(s), the bay becomes available for the next user.
  • Check-In / Check-Out (CICO): Assets are assigned to specific locker bays. Users can check-out available devices, using their RFID card.

Authentication Modes

Assigned and shared operating modes offer two authentication modes.

RFID: Radio-Frequency Identification. Provides a wireless, authentication system typically delivered through an employee badge, student ID or sticker. TechGuard Connect lockers currently support MiFARE Classic, MiFARE Desfire, HID Prox and HID iClass.
PIN: Personal Identification Number. PIN numbers are chosen by or assigned to each locker user to interact with the TechGuard Connect locker. TechGuard Connect and Bretford Connect support PINs ranging from 4-digits up to 10-digits in length.

NOTE: PIN mode and the ability to switch between RFID and PIN modes only available for screen and keypad models.


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